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'Without Defect' in the Bible

If an ascending-sacrifice, be his oblation - of the herd, a male without defect, shall he bring near, - unto the entrance of the tent of meeting, shall he bring it, for its acceptance, before Yahweh.

But, if of the flock, be his oblation, - of the sheep or of the goats, for an ascending-sacrifice, a male without defect, shall he bring near.

" 'Now if his offering [is] a sacrifice of fellowship offering, if he brings it from the cattle, whether male or female, he must bring it without defect before Yahweh.

" 'But if his offering for a sacrifice of fellowship offering for Yahweh [is] from the flock, he must bring a male or a female without defect.

if the anointed priest sins, {bringing guilt on the people}, then, concerning the sin that he has {committed}, he shall bring {a young bull} without defect for Yahweh as a sin offering.

or his sin he has {committed} is made known to him, he shall bring {a male goat} without defect [as] his offering.

or his sin he has {committed} is made known to him, he shall bring [as] his offering {a female goat without defect} [as] his offering for his sin that he {committed}.

" 'But if he brings a lamb [as] his offering for a sin offering, he must bring a female without defect.

"When a person {displays infidelity} and he sins in an unintentional wrong {in any of} Yahweh's holy things, then he shall bring his guilt offering to Yahweh: a ram without defect from the flock as a guilt offering by your valuation [in] silver shekels according to the sanctuary shekel.

He shall bring to the priest a ram without defect from the flock as a guilt offering by your valuation, and the priest shall make atonement for him because of his unintentional wrong (although he himself did not know), and he will be forgiven.

And he must bring as his guilt offering to Yahweh a ram without defect from the flock by your valuation as a guilt offering to the priest,

and he said to Aaron, "Take for yourself {a bull calf} as a sin offering and a ram as a burnt offering, without defect, and present [them] {before} Yahweh.

Then you must speak to the {Israelites}, saying, 'Take {a he-goat} as a sin offering and a bull calf and a male sheep, {yearlings} without defect, as a burnt offering,

"And on the eighth day he must take two male lambs without defect and one ewe-lamb {in its first year} without defect and three-tenths [of an ephah] of finely milled flour mixed with oil [as] a grain offering and one log of oil.

[it must be] without defect {to be acceptable for you}: a male among the cattle, among the sheep, or among the goats.

And if anyone brings a sacrifice of fellowship offerings for Yahweh to fulfill a vow or as a freewill offering from the cattle or from the flock, it must be without defect {to be acceptable}; there must not be any physical defect in it.

And on the day of your waving the sheaf you shall {offer} a {yearling} male lamb without defect as a burnt offering to Yahweh.

And, in addition to the bread, you shall present seven {yearling} male lambs without defects and one {young bull} and two rams--they shall be a burnt offering for Yahweh with their grain offering and their libations, an offering made by fire, an appeasing fragrance for Yahweh.