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The son and successor of Zadok became high priest in the reign of Solomon. During the reign of David, he revealed to him the counsels of Absalom and his advisers in rebellion, 2Sa 17:15-21; and conveyed to him also the tidings of Absalom's defeat and death, 2Sa 18.

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brother of anger = irascible.

(1.) The father Ahinoam, the wife of Saul (1Sa 14:50).

(2.) The son and successor of Zadok in the office of high priest (1Ch 6:8,53). On the occasion of the revolt of Absalom he remained faithful to David, and was of service to him in conveying to him tidings of the proceedings of Absalom in Jerusalem (2Sa 15:24-37; 17:15-21). He was swift of foot, and was the first to carry to David tidings of the defeat of Absalom, although he refrained, from delicacy of feeling, from telling him of his death (2Sa 18:19-33).

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("brother of anger", i.e. "choleric".)

1. 1Sa 14:50.

2. Zadok the priest's son; the messenger in Absalom's rebellion, with Jonathan, Abiathar's son, to carry tidings from Hushai, David's friend and spy. Zadok and Abiathar, who took back the ark to the city at David's request, were to tell them while staying outside the city at Enrogel whatever Hushai directed. They told David the counsel of Ahlthophel for an immediate attack, which David should baffle by crossing Jordan at once. They narrowly escaped Absalom's servants at Bahurim, the woman of the house hiding them in a well's mouth, over which she spread a covering with ground grain on it, and telling the servants what was true in word, though misleading them: "they be gone over the brook of water." Bahurim, the scene of Shimei's cursing of David, was thus made the scene of David's preservation by God, who heard his prayer (1Sa 16:12; Ps 109:28).

David's estimate of Ahimaaz appears in his remark on his approach after the battle (2Sa 18:27): "he is a good man, and cometh with good tidings." Though Cushi was later in arriving he announced the fate of Absalom, which Ahimaaz with courtier-like equivocation evaded announcing, lest he should alloy his good news with what would be so distressing to David. Joab, knowing David's fondness for Absalom, had not wished Ahimaaz to go at all on that day, but youths will hardly believe their elders wiser than themselves. Good running was a quality much valued in those days, and Ahimaaz was famous for it. The battle was fought on the mount of Ephraim W. of Jordan, and Ahimaaz ran by the plain of the Jordan to David at Mahanaim. Compare as to Asahel 2Sa 2:18; Elijah, 1Ki 18:46. Compare as to runners before kings 2Sa 15:1; 1Ki 1:5; as to courier posts, 2Ch 30:6,10; Es 3:13,15; 8:14. Comparing 1Ki 4:2 with 1Ch 6:10, some infer that Ahimaaz died before he attained the priesthood, and before his father Zadok, who was succeeded by Ahimaaz's son, Azariah. (See ABIATHAR)

3. 1Ki 5:7,15.

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1. Saul's father-in-law (1Sa 14:50). 2. Son of Zadok. He and Jonathan were stationed outside Jerusalem to learn Absalom's plans; after an adventurous journey they succeeded in warning David (2Sa 15:27,36; 17:17-21). Ahimaaz was eager to carry the tidings of Absalom's defeat; but Joab preferred to send by an Ethiopian slave the unwelcome news of the prince's death. Obtaining leave to follow, Ahimaaz outstripped this man, was recognized by the watchman through the style of his running, but left the Ethiopian to disclose the worst (2Sa 18:19-32). It may be the same person who appears later as Solomon's son-in-law and commissioner in Naphtali (1Ki 4:15).

J. Taylor.

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1. Father of Ahinoam, wife of Saul. 1Sa 14:50.

2. Son of Zadok the priest. 2Sa 15:27,36. When Absalom revolted and David had to flee from Jerusalem, Zadok continuing true to David, returned to the city, and Ahimaaz, and Jonathan son of Abiathar, remained at En-rogel; to whom Zadok sent word of the counsel of Ahithophel and of Hushai by a 'wench,' and they hastened to David with the news. But a lad having seen the transaction, messengers were sent in pursuit. The spies however reached a house in Bahurim, and were hid in a well, corn being spread over the covering. Their pursuers were told that they had gone on their way. So they having searched for them in vain returned to Jerusalem. The spies then hastened to David, and reached him in safety. 2Sa 17:17-21. On the defeat and death of Absalom, Ahimaaz begged that he might run with the news to David. Joab at first refused; but after Cushi had started, he allowed Ahimaaz to go also; who, being swift of foot, reached David first and told him of the defeat of Absalom, but let Cushi tell of his death. 2Sa 18:19-29. We have no evidence of Ahimaaz succeeding to the priesthood. He may have died before his father.

3. An officer of Solomon in Naphtali who married Basmath, daughter of Solomon. 1 Kings 4:15.

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(brother of anger).

1. Son of Zadok the high priest in David's reign, and celebrated for his swiftness of foot. During Absalom's rebellion he carried to David the important intelligence that Ahithophel had counselled an immediate attack upon David and his followers.

2Sa 15:24-37; 17:15-22

Shortly afterwards he was the first to bring to the king the good news of Absalom's defeat.

2Sa 18:19-33

(B.C. 972-956.)

2. Saul's wife's father.

1Sa 14:50

(B.C. before 1093.)

3. Solomon's son-in-law.

1Ki 4:15

(B.C. after 1014.)

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AHIMAAZ, the son of Zadok, the high priest. Ahimaaz succeeded his father under the reign of Solomon. He performed a very important piece of service for David during the war with Absalom. While his father Zadok was in Jerusalem, 2Sa 15:29, Ahimaaz and Jonathan continued without the city, 17:17, near En-Rogel, or the fountain of Rogel; thither a maid servant came to tell them the resolution which had been taken in Absalom's council: whereupon they immediately departed to give the king intelligence. But being discovered by a young lad who gave information concerning them to Absalom, that prince sent orders to pursue them: Ahimaaz and Jonathan, fearing to be taken, retired to a man's house at Baharim, in whose court-yard there was a well, wherein they concealed themselves. After the battle, in which Absalom was overcome and slain, 17, Ahimaaz desired leave of Joab to carry the news thereof to David. But instead of him Joab sent Cushi to carry the news, and told Ahimaaz that he would send him to the king upon some other occasion; but soon after Cushi was departed, Ahimaaz applied again to Joab, praying to be permitted to run after Cushi; and, having obtained leave, he ran by the way of the plain, and outran Cushi. He was succeeded in the priesthood by his son Azariah.

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