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Blind beggars are frequently mentioned (Mt 9:27; 12:22; 20:30; Joh 5:3). The blind are to be treated with compassion (Le 19:14; De 27:18). Blindness was sometimes a punishment for disobedience (1Sa 11:2; Jer 39:7), sometimes the effect of old age (Ge 27:1; 1Ki 14:4; 1Sa 4:15). Conquerors sometimes blinded their captives (2Ki 25:7; 1Sa 11:2). Blindness denotes ignorance as to spiritual things (Isa 6:10; 42:18-19; Mt 15:14; Eph 4:18). The opening of the eyes of the blind is peculiar to the Messiah (Isa 29:18). Elymas was smitten with blindness at Paul's word (Ac 13:11).

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