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A small vessel for holding water and other liquids, 1Sa 26:11. The above cut represents various antique cups, travelling flasks, and cruses, like those still used in the East.

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a utensil; a flask or cup for holding water (1Sa 26:11-12,16; 1Ki 19:6) or oil (1Ki 17:12,14,16). In 1Ki 14:3 the word there so rendered means properly a bottle, as in Jer 19:1,10, or pitcher. In 2Ki 2:20, a platter or flat metal saucer is intended. The Hebrew word here used is translated "dish" in 2Ki 21:13; "pans," in 2Ch 35:13; and "bosom," in Pr 19:24; 26:15 (R.V., "dish").

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tsappachath. Probably like the vessels still made at Gaza; a blue, clay, porous globular vessel, about nine inches wide, a neck three long, a handle below the neck, and a straight spout, with an opening the size of a straw (1Sa 26:11-12,16; 1Ki 19:6; 17:12,14,16). The bakbok, from the gurgling noise in pouring (1Ki 14:3). Tsellachah, from a root to sprinkle; a flat saucer or dish (2Ki 2:20). In Pr 19:24, "a slothful man hideth his hand in his bosom" (tsallachath, the cruse or dish like cavity in the bosom, or else translated "in the dish".)

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1. baqbuq, a bottle. 1Ki 14:3.

2. tselochith, dish or pan. 2Ki 2:20.

3. tsappachath, flask for water, etc. 1Sa 26:11-12,16; 1Ki 17:12,14,16; 19:6.

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a small vessel for holding water, such as was carried by Saul when on his night expedition after David,

1Sa 26:11-12,16

and by Elijah.

1Ki 19:6

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