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These are referred to in scripture as

1. On the altar, the projections placed at its corners, on which the blood of the sacrifices was placed, and to which culprits clung for protection. Ex 38:2; Le 4:7; 1Ki 1:50.

2. For trumpets, especially rams' horns. Jos 6:4-13.

3. For holding oil. 1Sa 16:1,13.

4. For holding ink. Eze 9:2-3.

5. They were worn in the East as a symbol of exaltation and power. Jehovah was David's horn of salvation. He exalted the horn of His people, and brake the horns of the wicked. Ps 18:2; Ps.75:10; Ps.148:14.

6. Horns are spoken of frequently in Daniel and the Revelation as a symbol for kings: "the ten horns which thou sawest are ten kings." Da 7:7-24; 8:3-21; Re 12:3; 13:1; 17:3-16.

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