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The Hebrew word is used in two distinct significations.

1. REPHAIM is used to comprehend all the gigantic races of the Canaanites, of whom there were several families. There were Rephaim beyond Jordan, at Ashtaroth Karnaim, in the time of Abraham, Ge 14:5; also some in the time of Moses. Og king of Bashan was of the Rephaim. In the time of Joshua, some of their descendants dwelt in the land of Canaan, Jos 12:4; 17:15, and we hear of them in David's time, in the city of Gath, 1Ch 20:4-6. The giant Goliath and others were the remains of the Rephaim, or of the kindred family of Anakim. Their magnitude and strength are often spoken of in Scripture. They appear to have excelled in violence and crime, and hence are monuments of divine justice.

2. REPHAIM, the shades or spirits of the departed, dwelling in Sheol or Hades, generally rendered in our version, "the dead" ("dead things," Job 26:5); Ps 88:10; Pr 2:18; 21:16, etc.

THE VALLEY OF THE REPHAIM, OR GIANTS, was famous in Joshua's time, Jos 15:8; 17:15; 18:16, and in the time of David, who here defeated the Philistines, 2Sa 5.18, 22; 1Ch 11.6; 14.9. It was a broad and fertile valley, Isa 17:5, beginning near the valley of Hinnom, and extending several miles south-west from Jerusalem, when it contracted to a narrow passage leading off towards the Mediterranean. It was in Judah, but near the border of Benjamin.

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lofty men; giants, (Ge 14:5; 2Sa 21:16,18, marg. A.V., Rapha, marg. R.V., Raphah; De 3:13, R.V.; A.V., "giants"). The aborigines of Palestine, afterwards conquered and dispossessed by the Canaanite tribes, are classed under this general title. They were known to the Moabites as Emim, i.e., "fearful", (De 2:11), and to the Ammonites as Zamzummim. Some of them found refuge among the Philistines, and were still existing in the days of David. We know nothing of their origin. They were not necessarily connected with the "giants" (R.V., "Nephilim") of Ge 6:4. (See Giants.)

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A name given in several Biblical passages to some pre-Israelitish people. In Ge 14:5 they are said to have dwelt in Ashteroth-karnaim. Ge 15:20 classes them with Hittites and Perizzites (similarly Jos 17:15). De 2:11,20 calls certain peoples 'Rephaim' whom the Moabites and Ammonites called respectively 'Emim' and 'Zamzummin.' De 3:11 says that Og, king of Bashan, alone remained of the Rephaim (so also Jos 12:4; 13:12), while De 3:13 says that Argob was a land of Rephaim. A valley near Jerusalem was also called the 'Vale of Rephaim' (see 2Sa 5:18,22; 23:13; 1Ch 11:15; 14:9; Isa 17:5). Because De 2:11 counts them with the Anakim, who were giants, and 2Sa 21:18-22 says that the sons of a certain Rapha (see Revised Version margin) were giants, it has been supposed by some that Rephaim means 'giants,' and was given to a race as their name by their neighbours because of their stature. Cf. art. Giant.

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Rephaim, Repha'im Valley of.

A valley on the south of Jerusalem, in which the Philistines gathered themselves against Israel, and where David twice signally defeated them. 2Sa 5:18,22; 23:13; 1Ch 11:15; 14:9-17; Isa 17:5. In the A.V. it is twice called the 'VALLEY OF THE GIANTS.' Jos 15:8; 18:16. Identified with el Bukeia, 31 45' N, 35 13' E.

Rephaim. Repha'im


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REPHAIM. The Rephaim were the ancient giants of the land of Canaan. There were anciently several families of them in this country. It is commonly thought that they were descended from one called Rephah or Rapha; but others imagine that the word Rephaim properly signifies giants, in the ancient language of this people. There were some of the Rephaim beyond Jordan, at Ashteroth Karnaim, in the time of Abraham, when Chedorlaomer made war against them, Ge 14:5. There were also some of them in the country in the days of Moses. Og, king of Bashan, was one of the posterity of the Rephaim, Jos 12:4. Also in the time of Joshua there were some of their descendants in the land of Canaan, Jos 17; 15. Lastly, we hear of them still in David's time, in the city of Gath, 1Ch 20:4-6. The giants Goliah, Sippai, Lahmi, and others, were some remains of the Rephaim; their magnitude and strength are known from Scripture. See GIANTS.

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