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1Co 3:17, or SHEALTIEL, father of Zerubbabel, Ezr 3:2; Ne 12:1; Hag 1:1; one of the ancestors of Christ, named in both the gospel genealogies, Mt 1:14; Lu 3:27. See GENEALOGY.

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whom I asked of God, the son of Jeconiah (Mt 1:12; 1Ch 3:17); also called the son of Neri (Lu 3:27). The probable explanation of the apparent discrepancy is that he was the son of Neri, the descendant of Nathan, and thus heir to the throne of David on the death of Jeconiah (comp. Jer 22:30).

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Greek Shealtiel, Hebrew "I have asked God" (compare 1Sa 1:20,27-28). Son of Jeconias king of Judah, father of Zerobabel according to Mt 1:12; but son of Neri, and father of Zerobabel according to Lu 3:27; see also 1Ch 3:17-19. No genealogy would assign to a king's true son and heir an inferior parentage, whereas a private person's son would naturally be ranked in the king's pedigree on his becoming rightful heir of the throne, therefore Luke's genealogy must be that of the natural descent, and Salathiel was "son of Neri," descended from Nathan son of David. On Jeconiah's dying childless, as Jeremiah foretold, and Solomon's line thereby failing, Salathiel was heir to David's throne (See SHEALTIEL.)

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1. (1Es 5:5; 1Es 5:48; 1Es 5:56; 1Es 6:2) = Shealtiel (wh. see). 2. Another name of Esdras (2Es 3:1).

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Sala'thiel Shealtiel. Sheal'tiel

Son or grandson of Jehoiachin or Jeconiah, king of Judah. 1Ch 3:17; Ezr 3:2,8; 5:2; Ne 12:1; Hag 1:1,12,14; 2:2,23; Mt 1:12.

In Lu 3:27, Salathiel is called the son of Neri, and this is supposed to be the true descent, and that Salathiel was the heir of Jehoiachin. The royal line would thus revert from the descendants of Solomon (Jer 22:30), to those of David through Nathan.

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(I have asked of God).

1Ch 3:17

The Authorized Version has Salathiel in

1Ch 3:17

but everywhere else in the Old Testament Shealtiel.

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