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Reference: Simeon


1. The second son of Jacob and Leah (Ge 29:33 Jahwist). By Redactor he, together with Levi, is closely related to Dinah, she being a full sister (Ge 29:34). From Ge 30:20 (Elohist) we learn that he had five full brothers, but we are not told how many other sisters or half-sisters he had. Jahwist (Ge 37:35) speaks of 'all' Jacob's 'daughters,' but their names are nowhere recorded (cf. Ge 46:7 Priestly Narrative). Jahwist, who is specially inclined to etymologizing (see Revised Version margin of Ge 3:20; 4:1,25; 5:29; 11:9; 16:11,14 etc.), connects the name, as in the case of Reuben, with Jacob's 'hatred' of Leah: 'Because Jahweh hath heard (sh

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