31 Bible Verses about Being Overwhelmed

Most Relevant Verses

Psalm 61:2

From the end of the land unto Thee I call, In the feebleness of my heart, Into a rock higher than I Thou dost lead me.

Psalm 143:4

And my spirit in me is become feeble, Within me is my heart become desolate.

Psalm 65:3

Matters of iniquities were mightier than I, Our transgressions -- Thou dost cover them.

Psalm 53:5

There they feared a fear -- there was no fear, For God hath scattered the bones of him Who is encamping against thee, Thou hast put to shame, For God hath despised them.

Psalm 55:5

Fear and trembling come in to me, And horror doth cover me.

Psalm 38:4

For mine iniquities have passed over my head, As a heavy burden -- too heavy for me.

2 Corinthians 1:8

For we do not wish you to be ignorant, brethren, of our tribulation that happened to us in Asia, that we were exceedingly burdened above our power, so that we despaired even of life;

Proverbs 1:27

When your fear cometh as destruction, And your calamity as a hurricane doth come, When on you come adversity and distress.

Psalm 77:3

I remember God, and make a noise, I meditate, and feeble is my spirit. Selah.

Psalm 102:1

A Prayer of the afflicted when he is feeble, and before Jehovah poureth out his plaint. O Jehovah, hear my prayer, yea, my cry to Thee cometh.

Psalm 142:3

When my spirit hath been feeble in me, Then Thou hast known my path; In the way in which I walk, They have hid a snare for me.

Psalm 37:24

When he falleth, he is not cast down, For Jehovah is sustaining his hand.

Psalm 124:4

Then the waters had overflowed us, The stream passed over our soul,

Psalm 55:2

Attend to me, and answer me, I mourn in my meditation, and make a noise,

Psalm 69:15

Let not a flood of waters overflow me, Nor let the deep swallow me up, Nor let the pit shut her mouth upon me.

Job 15:24

Terrify him do adversity and distress, They prevail over him As a king ready for a boaster.

Proverbs 27:4

Fury is fierce, and anger is overflowing, And who standeth before jealousy?

Daniel 10:7

And I have seen -- I, Daniel, by myself -- the appearance: and the men who have been with me have not seen the appearance, but a great trembling hath fallen on them, and they flee to be hidden;

Psalm 6:10

Ashamed and troubled greatly are all mine enemies, They turn back -- ashamed in a moment!

Exodus 17:13

and Joshua weakeneth Amalek and his people by the mouth of the sword.

2 Peter 3:6

through which the then world, by water having been deluged, was destroyed;

Revelation 12:16

and the land did help the woman, and the land did open its mouth and did swallow up the river, that the dragon did cast forth out of his mouth;

Nahum 1:8

And with a flood passing over, An end He maketh of its place, And His enemies doth darkness pursue.

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