Continuing In Sin

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Romans 3:8

And why not, according as we are injuriously charged, and according as some affirm that we say, Let us do the bad things, that the good ones may come? whose sentence is, just.

1 John 5:18

We know that, whosoever hath been born of God, is not committing sin, - Nay, he that hath been born of God, He keepeth him, and, the wicked one, doth not touch him.

Romans 6:2

Far be it! we who have died unto sin, how, any longer, shall we live therein?

Romans 6:16

Know ye not that, unto whom ye are presenting yourselves as servants for obedience, servants ye are unto him unto whom ye are obedient, whether of sin unto death or of obedience unto righteousness?

Galatians 2:17

Now, if in seeking to be declared righteous in Christ we, ourselves also, were found sinners, - is Christ, therefore, a minister, of sin? Far be it!

Hebrews 10:26

For, if, by choice, we be sinning, after the receiving of the full-knowledge of the truth, no longer, for sins, is there left over, a sacrifice,

Psalm 36:4

Iniquity, deviseth he upon his bed, - he taketh his stand in a way, not good, Wrong, doth he not abhor!

Isaiah 5:18

Alas! for them Who draw on themselves punishment with cords of falsehood, - And as with waggon-bands, penalty:

Jeremiah 4:14

Wash from wickedness thy heart, O Jerusalem, That thou mayest be saved, - How long, shall lodge within thee thy wicked devices?

Jeremiah 6:7

Like the casting forth by a wall of its waters, So, hath she cast forth her wickedness, - Violence and destruction, are heard in her, Before my face, continually, are suffering and smiting.

Daniel 12:10

Many, will purify themselves and be made white and be refined, but the lawless, will act lawlessly, and none of the lawless, shall understand, - but, they who make wise, shall understand;

Revelation 22:11

He that is doing unjustly, let him do unjustly, still, and, he that is filthy, let him be made filthy, still; and, he that is righteous, let him do righteousness, still, and, he that is holy, let him be hallowed, still: -

Proverbs 14:32

By his own wickedness, shall the lawless man, be thrust down, but the righteous, seeketh refuge in his integrity.

Proverbs 5:22

His own iniquities, shall entrap him with the lawless, and, by the cords of his own sin, shall he be seized.

Amos 4:4

Enter ye Bethel, and transgress, At Gilgal, cause transgression, to abound, - Yea, carry in, every morning, your sacrifices, every three days, your tithes;

Isaiah 26:10

Let favour be shewed to the lawless, he hath not learned righteousness, In a land of honest dealings, he acteth perversely, - And seeth not the splendour of Yahweh.

Hosea 4:8

The sin of my people, they do eat, - and. unto their iniquity, lift they up every man his desire.

Micah 7:3

Of wickedness with both hands to make sure, the ruler, doth make demand - and the judge - for a recompense, - and, as for the great man, he, is putting into words the desire of his soul, So have they woven the net!

Romans 2:8

Unto them, on the other hand, who are of contention, and are not yielding unto the truth, but are yielding unto unrighteousness, anger and wrath,

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Jeremiah 2:25

Withhold thy foot from being unshod, And thy throat from thirst! But thou saidst Hopeless! No! for I love foreigners and after them, will I go.

Jeremiah 18:12

And, since they will say, Hopeless! For after our own devices, will we walk, And, very one, the stubbornness of his own wicked heart, will we do!