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Theasaurus: Drugs

28 Bible Verses about Drugs

Most Relevant Verses

Mark 15:23

And they gave him to drink wine mingled with myrrh, but he received it not.

Matthew 27:34

they gave him vinegar to drink mingled with gall; and when he had tasted of it, he would not drink.

Exodus 25:6

oil for the light, spices for the anointing oil and for the sweet incense,

Exodus 31:11

and the anointing oil and aromatic incense for the sanctuary; they shall do according to all that I have commanded thee.

Exodus 30:34

And the LORD said unto Moses, Take unto thee aromas, stacte and onycha and aromatic galbanum and pure frankincense, of each in equal weight.

Exodus 39:38

the golden altar and the anointing oil and the aromatic incense and the hanging for the tabernacle door.

Leviticus 19:19

Ye shall keep my statutes. Thou shalt not let thy animal join with a diverse kind for mixtures; thou shalt not sow thy field with mixture, neither shalt thou wear garments of a mixture of different things.

Exodus 35:28

and aromatic spice and oil for the light and for the anointing oil and for the aromatic incense.

Revelation 9:21

And they did not repent of their murders nor of their witchcraft nor of their fornication nor of their thefts.

Genesis 50:2

And Joseph commanded his slaves, the physicians, to embalm his father; and the physicians embalmed Israel.

Jeremiah 9:15

Therefore thus hath the LORD of the hosts the God of Israel said: Behold, I will feed them, even this people, with wormwood and give them water of gall to drink.

Ezekiel 47:12

And by the river upon the bank thereof, on this side and on that side, shall grow every fruitful tree for food, whose leaf shall not fall, neither shall its fruit be lacking; it shall bring forth mature fruit in its months, because their waters come forth out of the sanctuary; and its fruit shall be for food, and its leaf for medicine.

Luke 23:36

And the soldiers also mocked him, coming to him and offering him vinegar

Exodus 37:29

He made likewise the oil of the holy anointing and the pure aromatic incense, according to the work of the apothecary.

Exodus 35:15

and the altar of incense and its staves, and the anointing oil, and the aromatic incense, and the hanging for the door at the entrance of the tabernacle,

Exodus 35:8

oil for the light, spices for anointing oil and for the aromatic incense;

Proverbs 9:2

She has killed her sacrifice; she has mingled her wine; and she has furnished her table.

Exodus 30:25

and thou shalt make of it the oil of the holy anointing, a superior ointment, after the art of the apothecary, which shall be the oil of the holy anointing.

Deuteronomy 18:10

There shall not be found among you any one that makes his son or his daughter to pass through the fire or that uses divination or an observer of times or an enchanter or a witch

Daniel 2:2

Then the king commanded to call magicians, astrologers, enchanters, and Chaldeans, that they might show the king his dreams. So they came and presented themselves before the king.