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26 Bible Verses about Hope For The Righteous

Most Relevant Verses

1 Peter 1:21

who through him do believe in God, who did raise out of the dead, and glory to him did give, so that your faith and hope may be in God.

Psalm 43:5

What! bowest thou thyself, O my soul? And what! art thou troubled within me? Wait for God, for still I confess Him, The salvation of my countenance, and my God!

Lamentations 3:24

My portion is Jehovah, hath my soul said, Therefore I hope for Him.

Acts 24:15

having hope toward God, which they themselves also wait for, that there is about to be a rising again of the dead, both of righteous and unrighteous;

Psalm 33:18-22

Lo, the eye of Jehovah is to those fearing Him, To those waiting for His kindness, To deliver from death their soul, And to keep them alive in famine. Our soul hath waited for Jehovah, Our help and our shield is He,read more.
For in Him doth our heart rejoice, For in His holy name we have trusted. Let Thy kindness, O Jehovah, be upon us, As we have waited for Thee!

Psalm 119:74-81

Those fearing Thee see me and rejoice, Because for Thy word I have hoped. I have known, O Jehovah, That righteous are Thy judgments, And in faithfulness Thou hast afflicted me. Let, I pray Thee, Thy kindness be to comfort me, According to Thy saying to Thy more.
Meet me do Thy mercies, and I live, For Thy law is my delight. Ashamed are the proud, For with falsehood they dealt perversely with me. I meditate in Thy precepts. Those fearing Thee turn back to me, And those knowing Thy testimonies. My heart is perfect in Thy statutes, So that I am not ashamed. Kaph. Consumed for Thy salvation hath been my soul, For Thy word I have hoped.

Isaiah 49:23

And kings have been thy nursing fathers, And their princesses thy nursing mothers; Face to the earth -- they bow down to thee, And the dust of thy feet they lick up, And thou hast known that I am Jehovah, That those expecting Me are not ashamed.

Philippians 1:20

according to my earnest expectation and hope, that in nothing I shall be ashamed, and in all freedom, as always, also now Christ shall be magnified in my body, whether through life or through death,

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