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19 Bible Verses about Keeping Oneself Alive

Most Relevant Verses

Jeremiah 38:17

Then said Jeremiah unto Zedekiah, Thus hath the LORD, the God of the hosts, the God of Israel said: If thou wilt assuredly go forth unto the king of Babylon's princes, then thy soul shall live, and this city shall not be burned with fire; and thou shalt live, and thine house:

Jeremiah 21:9

He that abides in this city shall die by the sword or by the famine or by the pestilence, but he that goes out and falls to the Chaldeans that besiege you, he shall live, and his soul shall be unto him for a spoil.

Jeremiah 38:2

Thus hath the LORD said, He that remains in this city shall die by the sword, by the famine, and by the pestilence, but he that goes forth to the Chaldeans shall live; for he shall have his life for a prey and shall live.

Jeremiah 27:12

I spoke also to Zedekiah king of Judah according to all these words, saying, Submit your necks under the yoke of the king of Babylon and serve him and his people and live.

Jeremiah 27:17

Hearken not unto them; serve the king of Babylon and live: why should this city be laid waste?

Genesis 19:20

Behold now, this city is near to flee unto, and it is a little one; Oh, let me escape there, (is it not a little one?) and my soul shall live.

1 Kings 1:12

Now, therefore, come, let me, I pray thee, give thee counsel that thou may deliver thine own life and the life of thy son Solomon.

Ezekiel 3:21

Nevertheless if thou warn the righteous man that the righteous not sin and he does not sin, he shall surely live because he is warned; also thou hast delivered thy soul.

Ezekiel 3:19

Yet if thou warn the wicked and he does not turn from his wickedness nor from his wicked way, he shall die for his iniquity; but thou hast delivered thy soul.

Ezekiel 13:22

Because with lies ye have made the heart of the righteous sad, whom I have not made sad; and ye strengthen the hands of the wicked that he should not leave his wicked way, encouraging him:

2 Kings 18:32

until I come and take you away to a land like your own land, a land of grain and wine, a land of bread and vineyards, a land of olives, of oil, and of honey, that ye may live, and not die. Do not hearken unto Hezekiah, for he deceives you, saying, The LORD will deliver us.

Amos 2:15

neither shall he that handles the bow stand; and he that is swift of foot shall not escape: neither shall he that rides the horse save his life.

Amos 2:14

Therefore the flight shall perish from the swift, and the strong shall not strengthen his force, neither shall the mighty deliver his soul:

Luke 9:24

For whosoever desires to save his soul shall lose it, but whosoever will lose his soul for my sake, the same shall save it.

Mark 8:35

For whosoever will save his life shall lose it; but whosoever shall lose his life for my sake and the gospel's, the same shall save it.

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