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Theasaurus: Oxen

2 Bible Verses about Oxen

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1 Timothy 5:18

For the Scripture says, "You are not to muzzle the ox while it is treading out the grain;" and the workman deserves his pay.

From Thematic Bible

Agriculture or husbandry » Beasts used in » Oxen

Horns » Animals with, mentioned » Oxen

Oxen » Used for » Food

Oxen » Kine illustrative » (well favored,) of years of plenty

Oxen » Kine illustrative » (lean,) of years of scarcity

Oxen » Formed a part of the wealth of israel in egypt

Oxen » Was fed » With grass

Oxen » Formed a part of the patriarchal wealth

Oxen » Laws respecting » Not to be muzzled when treading out the corn

Oxen » Used for » Plowing

Oxen » Increase of, promised

Oxen » Was fed » In the valleys

Oxen » Laws respecting » Straying to be brought back to its owner

Oxen » Laws respecting » Of others not to be coveted

Oxen » Laws respecting » To rest on the sabbath

Oxen » Used for » Sacrifice

Oxen » Often given as a present

Oxen » Heifer illustrative » (of three years old,) of moab in affliction

Oxen » Described as » Beautiful

Oxen » Described as » Strong

Oxen » Herdmen appointed over

Oxen » Illustrative » (prepared for a feast,) of the provision of the gospel

Matthew 22:4

"Again he sent other servants with a message to those who were invited. "'My breakfast is now ready," he said, 'my bullocks and fat cattle are killed, and every preparation is made: come to the wedding.'

Oxen » Illustrative » (engaged in husbandry,) of ministers

Oxen » Includes the » Bullock

Oxen » Includes the » Heifer

Oxen » Used for » Earing the ground

Oxen » Formed a part of the wealth of the jews

Oxen » Publicly sold

Luke 14:19

"A second pleaded, "'I have bought five yoke of oxen, and am on my way to try them. Pray hold me excused.'

Oxen » Used for » Drawing wagons, &c

Oxen » Bull or bullock illustrative » Of fierce enemies

Oxen » Includes the » Bull

Oxen » Includes the » Cow

Oxen » Lowing of, alluded to

Oxen » Young of, considered a great delicacy

Oxen » Illustrative » (not muzzled in treading corn,) of minister's right to support

1 Corinthians 9:9-10

For in the Law of Moses it is written, "Thou shalt not muzzle an ox while it is treading out the grain." Is God simply thinking about the oxen? Or is it really in our interest that He speaks? Of course, it was written in our interest, because it is His will that when a plough-man ploughs, and a thresher threshes, it should be in the hope of sharing that which comes as the result.

Oxen » Used for » Carrying burdens

Oxen » Bull or bullock illustrative » (firstling of,) of the glory of joseph

Oxen » Laws respecting » Not to be yoked with an ass in the same plow

Oxen » Tithe of, given to the priests

Oxen » Laws respecting » Fallen under its burden to be raised up again

Oxen » Was clean and fit for food

Oxen » Often found wild

Oxen » Laws respecting » Mode of reparation for one, killing another

Oxen » Laws respecting » Killing a man, to be stoned

Oxen » Bull or bullock illustrative » (unaccustomed to the yoke,) of intractable sinners

Oxen » Bull or bullock illustrative » (fatted,) of greedy mercenaries

Oxen » Heifer illustrative » (fair,) of the beauty and wealth of egypt

Oxen » Heifer illustrative » (at grass,) of the luxurious chaldees

Oxen » Laws respecting » Of others if lost or hurt through neglect, to be made good

Oxen » Laws respecting » Fat of, not to be eaten

Oxen » Illustrative » (led to slaughter,) of saints under persecution

Oxen » Illustrative » (stall fed,) of sumptuous living

Oxen » Required great care and attention

Oxen » Often stall-fed for slaughter

Oxen » Illustrative » (led to slaughter,) of a rash youth

Oxen » Custom of sending the pieces of, to collect the people to war

Oxen » Goes to the slaughter unconscious

Oxen » In stalls

Oxen » Bull or bullock illustrative » (in a net,) of the impatient under judgment

Oxen » Heifer illustrative » Of a beloved wife

Oxen » Was fed » With corn

Oxen » Rapid manner of collecting its food alluded to

Oxen » Male firstlings of, belonged to God

Oxen » Sea of brass rested on figures of

Oxen » Heifer illustrative » (taught, &c) of israel's fondness for ease in preference to obedience

Oxen » Laws respecting » If stolen to be restored double

Oxen » Used for » Treading out the corn

Oxen » Was fed » On the hills

Oxen » Was fed » With straw

Oxen » Horns and hoofs of, alluded to

Oxen » Urged on by the goad

Oxen » Heifer illustrative » (sliding back,) of backsliding israel

Oxen » Described as » Not without sagacity

Oxen » Kine illustrative » Of proud and wealthy rulers

Oxen » The wicked often took, in pledge from the poor