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Theasaurus: Poison

24 Bible Verses about Poison

Most Relevant Verses

Exodus 15:23

They came to Marah, but they could not drink the water at Marah because it was bitter—that is why it was named Marah.

Deuteronomy 32:32

For their vine is from the vine of Sodom
and from the fields of Gomorrah.
Their grapes are poisonous;
their clusters are bitter.

2 Kings 2:19-22

Then the men of the city said to Elisha, “Even though our lord can see that the city’s location is good, the water is bad and the land unfruitful.” He replied, “Bring me a new bowl and put salt in it.”After they had brought him one, Elisha went out to the spring of water, threw salt in it, and said, “This is what the Lord says: ‘I have healed this water. No longer will death or unfruitfulness result from it.’” read more.
Therefore, the water remains healthy to this very day according to the word that Elisha spoke.

2 Kings 4:39-40

One went out to the field to gather herbs and found a wild vine from which he gathered as many wild gourds as his garment would hold. Then he came back and cut them up into the pot of stew, but they were unaware of what they were. They served some for the men to eat, but when they ate the stew they cried out, “There’s death in the pot, man of God!” And they were unable to eat it.

Hosea 10:4

They speak mere words,
taking false oaths while making covenants.
So lawsuits break out
like poisonous weeds in the furrows of a field.

Numbers 21:6

Then the Lord sent poisonous snakes among the people, and they bit them so that many Israelites died.

Deuteronomy 32:24

They will be weak from hunger,
ravaged by pestilence and bitter plague;
I will unleash on them wild beasts with fangs,
as well as venomous snakes that slither in the dust.

Job 6:4

Surely the arrows of the Almighty have pierced me;
my spirit drinks their poison.
God’s terrors are arrayed against me.

Jeremiah 8:14

Why are we just sitting here?
Gather together; let us enter the fortified cities
and perish there,
for the Lord our God has destroyed us.
He has given us poisoned water to drink,
because we have sinned against the Lord.

Jeremiah 9:15

Therefore, this is what the Lord of Hosts, the God of Israel, says: “I am about to feed this people wormwood and give them poisonous water to drink.

Jeremiah 23:15

Therefore, this is what the Lord of Hosts says concerning the prophets:I am about to feed them wormwood
and give them poisoned water to drink,
for from the prophets of Jerusalem
ungodliness has spread throughout the land.

Job 20:12-16

Though evil tastes sweet in his mouth
and he conceals it under his tongue, though he cherishes it and will not let it go
but keeps it in his mouth, yet the food in his stomach turns
into cobras’ venom inside more.
He swallows wealth but must vomit it up;
God will force it from his stomach. He will suck the poison of cobras;
a viper’s fangs will kill him.

Deuteronomy 29:18

Be sure there is no man, woman, clan, or tribe among you today whose heart turns away from the Lord our God to go and worship the gods of those nations. Be sure there is no root among you bearing poisonous and bitter fruit.

Deuteronomy 32:32-33

For their vine is from the vine of Sodom
and from the fields of Gomorrah.
Their grapes are poisonous;
their clusters are bitter. Their wine is serpents’ venom,
the deadly poison of cobras.

Psalm 58:4

They have venom like the venom of a snake,
like the deaf cobra that stops up its ears,

Proverbs 23:32

In the end it bites like a snake
and stings like a viper.

Isaiah 14:29

Don’t rejoice, all of you in Philistia,
because the rod of the one who struck you is broken.
For a viper will come from the root of a snake,
and from its egg comes a flying serpent.

Jeremiah 8:17

Indeed, I am about to send snakes among you,
poisonous vipers that cannot be charmed.
They will bite you.
This is the Lord’s declaration.

Amos 6:12

Do horses gallop on the cliffs;
does anyone plow there with oxen?
Yet you have turned justice into poison
and the fruit of righteousness into wormwood—

Psalm 140:1-3

For the choir director. A Davidic psalm.Rescue me, Lord, from evil men.
Keep me safe from violent men who plan evil in their hearts.
They stir up wars all day long. They make their tongues
as sharp as a snake’s bite;
viper’s venom is under their lips.Selah

James 3:8

but no man can tame the tongue. It is a restless evil, full of deadly poison.

Revelation 9:5

They were not permitted to kill them but were to torment them for five months; their torment is like the torment caused by a scorpion when it strikes a man.

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