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22 Bible Verses about Sabbaths Instituted

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Genesis 2:2-3

By the seventh day God had completed the work he had been doing, so on the seventh day he stopped working on everything that he had done. Then God blessed the seventh day and made it holy, because on it God stopped working on everything that he had been creating.

Exodus 31:17

It is a sign forever between me and the Israelis, because the LORD made the heavens and the earth in six days, but on the seventh day he rested and was refreshed.'"

Hebrews 4:4

even though his actions had been finished since the creation of the world. Somewhere he has spoken about the seventh day as follows: "On the seventh day God rested from all his actions,"

Exodus 16:23

and he told them, "This is what the LORD said: "Tomorrow is a Sabbath observance, a holy Sabbath to the LORD. Bake what you want to bake and boil what you want to boil, and put aside whatever remains to be kept for yourselves until morning.'"

Exodus 31:15

Work may be done for six days, but the seventh day is a Sabbath of complete rest, holy to the LORD. Whoever does work on the Sabbath is certainly to die.

Exodus 35:2-3

For six days work is to be done, but on the seventh day you are to have a holy day, a Sabbath of complete rest in dedication to the LORD. Anyone who does work on that day is to be executed. You are not to light a fire in any of your dwellings on the Sabbath."

Exodus 16:30

So the people rested on the seventh day.

Leviticus 23:3

Six days you may work, but the seventh day is a Sabbath of rest, a sacred assembly. You are not to do any work. It's a Sabbath to the LORD wherever you live.

Exodus 20:10

but the seventh day is a Sabbath to the LORD your God. You are not to do any work neither you, nor your son, nor your daughter, nor your male or female servant, nor your livestock, nor any foreigner who lives among you

Exodus 23:12

You are to do your work for six days, but on the seventh day you are to refrain from work so that your ox and donkey may rest, and so the son of your maidservant and the alien may be refreshed.

Numbers 28:9

"Every Sabbath day, you are to offer two one year old lambs without any defects with two tenths of an ephah of fine flour for grain offering, mixed with olive oil, along with their corresponding drink offering.

Numbers 28:10

This burnt offering is to be presented every Sabbath, as well as the regular burnt offering, along with its corresponding drink offering."

Nehemiah 9:14

You revealed to them your holy Sabbath, and you mandated precepts, statutes, and laws through Moses your servant.

Ezekiel 20:12

Also, I instituted my Sabbath for them as a sign between me and them, so they would know that I am the LORD, who has set them apart."

Ezekiel 20:20

You are to make my Sabbaths holy, and you are to let them serve as a sign between you and me, so that you may know that I am the LORD your God.'"

Leviticus 23:24

"Tell the Israelis that on the first day of the seventh month you are to have a Sabbath of rest for you a memorial announced by a loud blast of trumpets. It is to be a sacred assembly.

Leviticus 16:31

It's the Sabbath of all Sabbaths for you, so humble yourselves. This is to be a perpetual statute.

Leviticus 23:32

It's a Sabbath of rest for you on which you are to humble yourselves starting the evening of the ninth day of the month. You are to observe your Sabbath from evening to evening."

Leviticus 23:39

"On the fifteenth day of the seventh month, when you've harvested the produce of the land, you are to observe the festival of the LORD for seven days. The first day is to be a Sabbath rest, and the eighth day also is to be a Sabbath rest.

Leviticus 23:38

in addition to the LORD's Sabbath regarding your gifts, your offerings in fulfillment of vows, and your freely given offerings that you will bring to the LORD.

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