Scripture Teaching

Most Relevant Verses

1 Corinthians 10:11

These things happened to them to serve as an example, and they were written down as a warning for us in whom the culmination of the ages has been attained.

Daniel 9:10

and have not obeyed the voice of the LORD our God by walking in his laws that he gave us through his servants the prophets.

Exodus 18:20

You are to teach them the statutes and instructions and make known to them the way they're to go and the things they're to do.

Leviticus 10:11

You are to teach the Israelis all the statutes that the LORD commanded you by the authority of Moses."

Psalm 119:26

I have talked about my ways, and you have answered me; Teach me your statutes.

Psalm 119:33

Teach me, LORD, about the way of your statutes, and I will observe them without fail.

Psalm 119:64

LORD, the earth overflows with your gracious love! Teach me your statutes. Teth

Psalm 119:68

LORD, you are good, and do what is good; teach me your statutes.

Psalm 119:124

Act toward your servant consistent with your gracious love, and teach me your statutes.

Psalm 119:135

Show favor to your servant, and teach me your statutes.

Psalm 119:108

LORD, please accept my voluntary offerings of praise, and teach me your judgments.

Exodus 18:16

When they have a dispute, it comes to me and I decide between a person and his neighbor, and make known the statutes of God and his instructions."

Deuteronomy 4:14

The LORD commanded me at that time to teach you to observe the statutes and ordinances in the land after you cross over to take possession of it.

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