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23 Bible Verses about The Insecurity Of The Wicked

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Psalm 73:18

You have certainly set them in slippery places; you will make them fall to their ruin.

Proverbs 23:34

You will be like someone who lies down in the sea, or like someone who sleeps on top of a mast.

Isaiah 30:13

therefore, for you this sin will become like a breach in a high wall that is about to collapse, bulging out, and whose crash comes suddenly in an instant.

Jeremiah 13:16

Give glory to the LORD your God before he brings darkness, before your feet stumble on the mountains at twilight. You hope for light, but he turns it into deep darkness. He changes it into heavy gloom.

Jeremiah 23:12

Therefore their way will be slippery. They'll be driven out into the darkness, where they'll fall. For I'll bring disaster on them, the year of their judgment," declares the LORD.

Ezekiel 13:10

because they've truly caused my people to stray saying, "Peace," but there's no peace.'"

Ezekiel 13:11

"When someone builds a wall, they coat it with whitewash. Tell those who coat it with whitewash that it will fall. It will be washed off by the rain. Great hailstones will fall and a stormy wind will strip it off.

Matthew 7:26

"Everyone who keeps on hearing these messages of mine and never puts them into practice is like a foolish man who built his house on sand.

Matthew 7:27

The rain fell, the floods came, the winds blew and battered that house, and it collapsed and its collapse was total."

Proverbs 11:5

The righteousness of the innocent creates a level path, but the wicked fall by their wickedness.

Ecclesiastes 10:8

Whoever digs a pit may fall into it, and whoever breaks through a wall may suffer a snake bite.

Jeremiah 6:15

Were they ashamed because they did what was repugnant to God? They were not ashamed at all they don't even know how to blush! Therefore they'll fall with those who fall. When I punish them, they'll be brought down," says the LORD.

Jeremiah 8:4

"You are to say to them, "This is what the LORD says: "Will a person fall down and then not get up? Will someone turn away and then not turn back again?

Hosea 4:14

However, I'm not going to punish your daughters when they commit prostitution, nor your daughters-in-law when they commit adultery, because their men are themselves immoral they offer sacrifices with prostitutes. These people who aren't discerning will stumble.

Amos 8:14

Those who have been swearing oaths by the sin of Samaria, or who say, "As your god lives, Dan"' or who say, "As the way of Beer-sheba lives"' will fall, and will never rise again."

Proverbs 24:22

They will be destroyed suddenly, and who knows what kind of punishment will come from these two?

Ecclesiastes 9:12

In addition, no human being knows his time: Like fish captured in a cruel net, or as birds caught in a snare, so also are human beings caught by bad timing that surprises them.

Isaiah 47:11

"But disaster will come upon you, and you will not know how to charm it away. A calamity will befall you that you will not be able to ward off; and devastation will come upon you suddenly, and you won't anticipate it.

Jeremiah 15:8

I'll make their widows more numerous than the sand of the sea. At noontime I'll send a destroyer against the mother of a young man. I'll cause terror and anguish to come to her unexpectedly.

1 Thessalonians 5:3

When people say, "There is peace and security," destruction will strike them as suddenly as labor pains come to a pregnant woman, and they will not be able to escape.

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