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'Appetite' in the Bible

For he knows no satisfaction in his appetite; he does not let anything he desires escape.

"Do you hunt prey for the lioness, and satisfy the appetite of the lions,

They willfully challenged God by asking for food to satisfy their appetite.

"I would feed Israel the best wheat, and would satisfy your appetite with honey from the rocky cliffs."

They lost their appetite for all food, and they drew near the gates of death.

The Lord satisfies the appetite of the righteous, but he thwarts the craving of the wicked.

The righteous has enough food to satisfy his appetite, but the belly of the wicked lacks food.

A laborer's appetite works on his behalf, for his hunger urges him to work.

The appetite of the wicked desires evil; his neighbor is shown no favor in his eyes.

The one whose appetite is satisfied loathes honey, but to the hungry mouth every bitter thing is sweet.

All of man's labor is for nothing more than to fill his stomach -- yet his appetite is never satisfied!

For a fool speaks disgraceful things; his mind plans out sinful deeds. He commits godless deeds and says misleading things about the Lord; he gives the hungry nothing to satisfy their appetite and gives the thirsty nothing to drink.

But that day belongs to the Lord God who rules over all. It is the day when he will pay back his enemies. His sword will devour them until its appetite is satisfied! It will drink their blood until it is full! For the Lord God who rules over all will offer them up as a sacrifice in the land of the north by the Euphrates River.

They will not pour out drink offerings of wine to the Lord; they will not please him with their sacrifices. Their sacrifices will be like bread eaten while in mourning; all those who eat them will make themselves ritually unclean. For their bread will be only to satisfy their appetite; it will not come into the temple of the Lord.

Indeed, wine will betray the proud, restless man! His appetite is as big as Sheol's; like death, he is never satisfied. He gathers all the nations; he seizes all peoples.

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