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'Complaint' in the Bible

When I say, 'My bed will comfort me, and my couch will ease my complaint,'

Though {I say}, 'I will forget my complaint; I will change my expression, and I will rejoice,'

"My inner self loathes my life; {I want to give vent to my complaint}; I want to speak out of [the] bitterness of my inner self.

[As for] me, [is] my complaint for human beings? And if [so], why cannot I be impatient?

"Even today my complaint [is] bitter; my hand is heavy in addition to my groaning.

"If I have rejected my male or female slave's case when their complaint [was] against me,

I pour out my complaint before him; I declare my trouble before him.

To whom [is] woe? To whom [is] sorrow? To whom [are] quarrels? To whom [is] complaint? To whom [are] wounds without cause? To whom [is] redness of [the] eyes?

I will stand at my post, and station myself on [the] rampart. And I will keep watch to see what he will say to me, and what he will answer concerning my complaint.

But [when] Paul was about to open [his] mouth, Gallio said to the Jews, "If it was some crime or wicked villainy, O Jews, {I would have been justified in accepting} your complaint.

If then Demetrius and the craftsmen [who are] with him have a complaint against anyone, the court days are observed and there are proconsuls--let them bring charges against one another!

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