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'Only-begotten' in the Bible

And Jephthah will come to Mizpeh to his house, and behold, his daughter will come forth to his meeting with drums and with lutes: and she the only begotten; not to him beside her, son nor daughter.

O daughter of my people, gird on sackcloth, and roll thyself in ashes: make to thee the mourning of an only begotten, a wailing of bitterness; for he laying waste shall suddenly come upon us.

Your high feasts will I turn to sorrow, and your songs to mourning: I will bring sackcloth upon all backs, and baldness on every head. Yea, such a mourning will I send them, as is made upon an only begotten son, and they shall have a miserable end.

Yes, [you are building a temple of the Lord, but] it is He Who shall build the [true] temple of the Lord, and He shall bear the honor and glory [as of the only begotten of the Father] and shall sit and rule upon His throne. And He shall be a Priest upon His throne, and the counsel of peace shall be between the two [offices -- "Priest and King].

Now when he came near to the gate of the city, behold, an only begotten son who died was being carried out for his mother. And she was a widow, and a considerable crowd of the city were with her.

because there was with him an only begotten daughter, about twelve years old, and she was dying. But during his going the multitudes thronged him.

and lo, a man from the multitude cried out, saying, 'Teacher, I beseech thee, look upon my son, because he is my only begotten;

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