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'Track' in the Bible

Go, I pray you, make yet more sure, and know and see his place where his track is, who has seen him there; for it is told me that he deals very subtilly.

So they picked two horsemen and the king sent them out to track the Syrian army. He ordered them, "Go and find out what's going on."

"So now, if he doesn't inflict punishment in his anger, then he doesn't keep track of your many transgressions.

“Behind him he makes a shining wake;One would think the deep to be gray-haired [with foam].

They track us down and have now surrounded us in our steps;They set their eyes to force us to the ground,

I keep track of every bird in the hills, and the insects of the field are mine.

You keep track of my misery. Put my tears in your leather container! Are they not recorded in your scroll?

They wandered in the wilderness in a [solitary] desert region;And did not find a way to an inhabited city.

If they hide themselveson the top of Carmel,from there I will track them downand seize them;if they conceal themselvesfrom My sight on the sea floor,from there I will commandthe sea serpent to bite them.

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