1 Of the sons of Ammon-Thus saith Yahweh: Hath Israel no, sons? Hath he no, heir? Why hath, Malkam, taken possession of Gad, Or have, his people, in the cities thereof, made their dwelling? 2 Therefore, lo! days are coming, Declareth Yahweh When I will cause to be heard against Rabbah of the sons of Ammon, an alarm of war, So shall she become a mound of desolation, And, her villages, with fire, shall blaze, - Then shall Israel, inherit them who inherited him, Saith Yahweh. 3 Howl, O Heshbon, for Ai is spoiled Make outcry, ye daughters of Rabbah, Gird you with sackcloth, Lament ye and run to and fro among the fences, - For, Malkam, into captivity, shall go, His priests and his princes, together. 4 Why shouldst thou glory in the vales, The flowing of thy vale O apostate daughter? She who is trusting in her treasures, saying, Who shall invade, me? 5 Behold me! bringing upon thee, terror Declareth My Lord, Yahweh of hosts, From all who are round about thee, - And ye shall be driven out every man before it, And there shall be none to bring home the wanderer; 6 But afterwards, will I bring back the captivity of the sons of Ammon, Declareth Yahweh.
7 Of Edom - Thus, saith Yahweh of hosts, Is there no longer wisdom in Teman? Hath counsel perished from the discerning? Is their wisdom corrupt? 8 Flee ye turn go down deep to dwell, O inhabitant of Dedan, - For the doom of Esau, have I brought in upon him The time of his visitation. 9 If, grape-gatherers, came to thee, Would they not leave, gleanings? If, thieves in the night, Would they not have taken away what sufficed them? 10 But, I, have stripped Esau bare, I have uncovered his secret places, And to conceal himself, shall he not be able! Spoiled, are his seed, and his brethren, and his neighbours, and he is not. 11 Leave thy fatherless children I, will preserve them alive, - And thy widows, In me, let them trust.
12 For, thus saith Yahweh - Lo! they who had not been adjudged to drink the cup, shall surely drink, And art thou, the one to go unpunished? Thou shalt not go unpunished, but shalt surely drink. 13 or by myself, have I sworn, Declareth Yahweh, That, Bozrah shall become, an astonishment: a reproach and a desolation, and a contempt, - And all her cities shall become age-abiding desolations.
14 A report, have I heard from Yahweh, Yea, an envoy, throughout the nations, hath been sent, - Gather yourselves together and come against her, And arise to the battle. 15 For lo! Small, have I made thee among the nations, - Despised among men! 16 Thy monstrous thing, hath deceived thee, The insolence of thy heart, O thou that inhabitest the hidden recesses of the cliff, That boldest fast the height of the hill, - Though thou set high as an eagle, thy nest, From thence, will I bring thee down, Declareth Yahweh;
17 So shall, Edom, become an astonishment, - Every one passing by her, will be astonished and hiss, over all her plagues: 18 Like the overthrow of Sodom and Gomorrah and her neighbours, Saith Yahweh, - There shall not dwell there - a man, Nor sojourn therein - any son of the earth-born.
19 Lo! like a lion, will he come up from the majesty of the Jordan, unto the pasture perennial, But I will wink - I will make him run away therefrom, Who then shall be the Chosen One whom over it, I may set in charge? For who shall be like unto, me? And who shall appoint me, a time? And who is the Shepherd that shall stand before, me?
20 Wherefore, hear ye The counsel of Yahweh which he hath counseled against Edom, And his devices which he hath devised against the inhabitants of Teman, - Surely the little ones of the flock shall drag them away, Surely he will cause their fold to be astounded over them. 21 At the noise of their fail, hath trembled the earth, At the outcry, in the Red Sea, was heard its noise. 22 Lo! as an eagle, he shall mount and dart, and spread his wings over Bozrah, - So shall the heart of the heroes of Edom, in that day, become as the heart of a woman in her pain.
23 Of Damascus. Turned pale have Hamath and Arpad, For, a calamitous report, have they heard - they tremble, - In the sea, is anxiety, it cannot, rest. 24 Enfeebled is Damascus She hath turned to flee But terror, hath seized her, - Anguish and pangs, have seized her as a woman in childbirth. 25 Alas! is she not forsaken - The city so praised! The citadel I rejoiced in! 26 Therefore shall her young men fail in her broadways, - And, all her men of war, shall be silent in that day, Declareth Yahweh of hosts; 27 Then will I kindle a fire in the walls of Damascus, - And it shall devour the palaces of Ben-hadad.
28 Of Kedar. And of the kingdoms of Hazor Which Nebuchadrezzar king of Babylon smote - Thus, saith Yahweh, - Arise ye go up against Kedar, So shall they spoil the sons of the East: 29 Their tents and their flocks, shall they take, And their curtains and all their baggage b and their camels, shall they carry off for themselves, - And shall cry out unto them, Terror round about! 30 Flee remove far away, go deep to dwell, Ye inhabitants of Hazor, Urgeth Yahweh; For Nebuchadrezzar king of Babylon - hath counseled against you, a counsel, And devised against you a device.
31 Arise ye, go up against a nation at ease - dwelling securely, Commandeth Yahweh, - Having neither doors nor bars, Alone, do they dwell: 32 So shall their camels, become, a prey, And the throng of their cattle, a spoil, Then will I scatter them to every wind even the clipt-beards, - And from all sides of him, will I bring in their doom Declareth Yahweh. 33 So shall Hazor become A habitation of jackals An astonishment unto times age-abiding: There shall not dwell there - a man, Nor sojourn therein - a son of the earth-born.
34 So much of the word of Yahweh as came unto Jeremiah the prophet, Against Elam, - in the beginning of the reign of Zedekiah king of Judah saying: - 35 Thus, saith Yahweh of hosts, Behold me! breaking the bow of Elam, - The beginning of their might; 36 Then will I bring in against Elam four winds from the four quarters of the heavens, And will scatter them to all these winds, - And there shall be no nation whither the outcasts of Elam, shall not come; 37 And I will cause Elam to be dismayed Before their enemies Even before them who are seeking their life, So will I bring upon them calamity, Even the glow of mine anger Declareth Yahweh, - And will send after them the sword, until I have made an end of them; 38 And I will set my throne in Elam, - And will destroy, from thence king and princes, Declareth Yahweh;
39 But it shall come to pass In the afterpart of the days, That I will bring back the captivity of Elam, Declareth Yahweh.