1 Considering then that there is no time hid from the Almighty, how happeneth it, that they which know him, will not regard his days? 2 For some men there be, that remove other men's landmarks; that rob them of their cattle, and keep the same for their own; 3 that drive away the ass of the fatherless; that take the widow's ox for a pledge; 4 that thrust the poor out of the way, and oppress the simple of the world together. 5 Behold, even as the wild asses in the desert go they forth to their work, and rise betimes to spoil: Yea, the very wilderness ministereth food for them and their children. by times, as their manner is, to spoil: Yea the very wilderness ministereth food for their children. 6 They reap the corn field that is not their own; and let the vineyard of the ungodly alone. 7 They are the cause that so many men are naked and bare, having no clothes to cover them and keep them from cold; 8 So that when the showers in the mountains have rained upon them, and they be all wet, they have none other succour, but to embrace the rock for want of a covering. 9 They spoil the sucking fatherless children, and put the poor in prison, 10 insomuch that they let him go naked without clothing, and take way the sheaf of the hungry. 11 The poor are fain to labour in their oil mills, yea and to tread in their wine presses, and yet to suffer thirst. 12 "The whole city crieth unto the LORD with sighing, the souls of the slain make their complaint: But God destroyeth them not for all this,
13 whereas they, notwithstanding, are rebellious and disobedient enemies: which seek not his light and way, nor turn again in to his path. 14 Timely in the morning do they arise, to murder the simple and poor, and in the night they go a stealing. 15 The eye of the ungodly is like the adulterer, that waiteth for the darkness, and sayeth thus in himself, 'Tush, there shall no man see me,' and so he disguiseth his face. 16 In the night season they search the houses, and hide themselves in the daytime, but will not know the light. 17 For as soon as the day breaketh, the shadow of death cometh upon them, and they go in horrible darkness.
18 "The ungodly is very swift: O that his portion also upon earth were swifter than the running water, which suffereth not the shipman to behold the fair and pleasant vineyards. 19 O that they, for the wickedness which they have done, were drawn to the hell, sooner than snow melteth at the heat. 20 O that all compassion upon them were forgotten: that their dainties were worms, that they were clean put out of remembrance, and utterly hewn down like an unfruitful tree. 21 For they maintain the barren, and make them that they cannot bear, and unto widows they do no good. 22 They pluck down the mighty with their power, and when they themselves are gotten up, they are never without fear, as long as they live. 23 And though they might be safe, yet they will not receive it, for their eyes look upon their own ways. 24 They are exalted for a little, but shortly are they gone, brought to extreme poverty, and taken out of the way: yea, and utterly plucked off, as the ears of corn.
25 Is it not so? Who will then reprove me as a liar, and say that my words are nothing worth?"