1 Moreover, God spake unto Job, and said, 2 "Can he that striveth with the Almighty be at rest? Should not he which disputeth with God, give him an answer?"
3 Job answered the LORD, saying, 4 "Behold, I am too vile a person to answer thee, therefore will I lay my hand upon my mouth. 5 Once or twice have I spoken, but I will say no more."
6 Then spake the LORD unto Job out of the storm, and said, 7 Gird up thy loins like a man, and tell me the things that I will ask thee. 8 Wilt thou disannul my judgment? Or wilt thou condemn me, that thou thyself mayest be made righteous? 9 Is thine arm then like the arm of God? Maketh thy voice such a sound as his doth?
10 Then arm thyself with thine own power! Up, deck thee in thy jolly array, 11 pour out thy indignation of thy wrath; see that thou cast down all the proud, 12 look well, that thou makest all such as be stubburn, to obey; tread all the ungodly under thy feet, 13 cast them down into the mire, and cover their faces with darkness; 14 Then will I confess also, that thy own righthand hath saved thee.
15 "Behold Behemoth, whom I made with thee, which eateth hay as an ox: 16 lo, how strong he is in his loins, and what power he hath in the navel of his body. 17 He spreadeth out his tail like a Cedar tree, all his sinews are stiff. 18 His shins are like pipes of brass, his ridge bones are like staves of iron. 19 First when God made him, he ordained the wilderness for him, 20 that the mountains should give him grass, where all the beasts of the field take their pastime. 21 He lieth among the reeds in the mosses, 22 the fens hide him with their shadow, and the willows of the brook cover him round about. 23 Behold, he drinketh up whole rivers and feareth not: he thinketh that he can draw up Jordan into his mouth. 24 Who dare lay a hand on him openly, and undertake to catch him? Or, who dare put a hook through his nose, and lay a snare for him?