1 Wine is a voluptuous thing, and drunkenness causes sedition; whoso delighteth therein, shall never be wise.
2 The king ought to be feared as the roaring of a lion; whoso provoketh him unto anger, offendeth against his own soul.
3 It is a man's honour to keep himself from strife; but they that have pleasure in brawling, are fools every one.
4 A slothful body will not go to plow, for cold of the winter; therefore shall he go a begging in Summer and have nothing.
5 Wise counsel in the heart of man is like a water in the deep of the earth; but he that hath understanding bringeth it forth.
6 Many there be that would be called good-doers; but where shall one find a true faithful man?
7 Whoso leadeth a godly and an innocent life; happy shall his children be whom he leaveth behind him.
8 A king that sitteth in judgment, and looketh well about him, driveth away all evil.
9 Who can say, "My heart is clean, I am innocent from sin"?
10 To use two manner of weights, or two manner of measures, both these are abominable unto the LORD.
11 A child is known by his conversation, whether his works be pure and right.
12 As for the hearing of the ear and the sight of the eye, the LORD hath made them both.
13 Delight not thou in sleep, lest thou come to poverty; but open thine eyes, and thou shalt have bread enough.
14 "It is naught; It is naught," sayeth he that buyeth anything: but when he cometh to his own house, then he boasteth of his pennyworth.
15 A mouth of understanding is more worth than gold, many precious stones, and costly Jewels.
16 Take his garment that is surety for a stranger; and take a pledge of him for the unknown man's sake.
17 Every man liketh the bread that is gotten in deceit; but at the last his mouth shall be filled with gravel.
18 Through counsel the things that men devise go forward; and with discretion ought wars to be taken in hand.
19 Meddle not with him that betrayeth secrets, and is a slanderer, and deceiveth with his lips.
20 Whoso curseth his father and mother, his light shall be put out in the midst of darkness.
21 The heritage that cometh too hastily at the first, shall not be praised at the end.
22 Say not thou, "I will recompense evil"; but put thy trust in the LORD, and he shall defend thee.
23 The LORD abhoreth two manner of weights, and a false balance is an evil thing.
24 The LORD ordereth every man's goings; for what is he, that understandeth his own way?
25 It is a snare for a man to blaspheme that which is holy, and then to go about with vows.
26 A wise king destroyeth the ungodly, and bringeth the wheel over them.
27 The lantern of the LORD is the breath of man; and goeth through all the inward parts of the body.
28 Mercy and faithfulness preserve the king, and with loving-kindness his seat is holden up.
29 The strength of young men is their worship; and a grey head, is a honour unto the aged.
30 Wounds drive away evil; and so do stripes the inward parts of the body.