1 Thou shalt not envy against men of evil, thou shalt not desire to be with them. 2 For their heart will meditate destruction, and their lips will speak labor.
3 By wisdom a house will be built, and it will be prepared by understanding: 4 And by knowledge shall the chambers be filled with all precious and pleasant riches.
5 A wise man is in strength, and a man of knowledge strengthens power. 6 For by guidance thou shalt make to thee war, and in the multitude of counselors salvation.
7 High things to the foolish is wisdom: in the gate he will not open his mouth.
8 He purposing to do evil for himself shall be called the master of mischief. 9 The purpose of folly is sin, and he mocking, an abomination to man.
10 Wilt thou be discouraged in the day of straits thy strength is narrow. 11 If thou shalt refrain to deliver those being brought to death, and those going to be slain; 12 If thou shalt say, Behold, we knew not this; will not he trying hearts, understand? and he guarding thy soul, knew? and he turned back to man according to his work.
13 My son, eat honey, for it is good; and the dropping of honey being sweet to thy palate. 14 So the knowledge of wisdom to thy soul if thou shalt find: and there is a latter state and thine expectation shall not be cut off.
15 Thou shalt not lay wait, O wicked one, against the dwelling of the just one; thou shalt not destroy his resting place: 16 For the just one shall fall seven times, and rise: and the unjust shall be weak in evil
17 In the falling of thine enemies thou shalt not rejoice, and in his stumbling thy heart shall not exult: 18 Lest Jehovah shall see and it be evil in his eyes, and he turn back from him his anger.
19 Thou shalt not be angry against the evil; thou shalt not envy against the unjust: 20 For there shall be no latter state to the evil one: the light of the unjust shall be extinguished.
21 My son, fear thou Jehovah and the king: thou shalt not intermingle with those changing: 22 For suddenly shall their calamity rise, and who shall make known the misfortune of them two?
23 Also these to the wise. To look upon the face in judgment is not good. 24 He saying to the unjust, Thou art just; peoples shall curse him, and nations shall curse him: 25 And it shall be pleasant to those reproving, and a blessing of good shall come upon them.
26 He shall kiss the lips turning back right words.
27 Prepare thy work without, and make it ready for thee in the field afterwards; and build thy house.
28 Thou shalt not be a witness gratuitously against thy neighbor, and deceive not with thy lips. 29 Thou shalt not say, According to what he did to me, thus will I do to him: I will turn back to the man according to his work.
30 I passed upon the field of the slothful man, and upon the vineyard of the man wanting heart; 31 And behold, it came up all of it with thorns; brambles covered its face, and the wall of its stones was overthrown. 32 And I shall see and set my heart: I looked, I took instruction. 33 A little sleep, a little slumber, a little folding of the hands to lie down: 34 And thy poverty came going about, and thy want as a man of shield.