1 Praise ye Jah: for it is good to play on the harp to our God; for it is pleasant: praise is becoming.
2 Jehovah builds Jerusalem: he will collect together the outcasts of Israel. 3 Healing to the broken of heart, and binding up their pains. 4 Counting the number to the stars, he will call names to all of them. 5 Great our Lord, and great of power: to his understanding no number. 6 Jehovah setting up again the poor, and humbling the unjust even to the earth.
7 Strike up to Jehovah with praise; play upon the harp to our God: 8 Covering the heavens with clouds, preparing rain for the earth, causing the grass to spring up on the mountains. 9 Giving to the cattle its food, to the sons of the ravens which call.
10 He will not delight in the strength of the horse: he will not be pleased in the legs of a man. 11 Jehovah being delighted in those fearing him, in those hoping for his mercy.
12 Praise Jehovah, O Jerusalem; praise thy God, O Zion. 13 For he strengthened the bars of thy gates; he blessed thy sons within thee. 14 Setting thy bound peace, he will fill thee with the fat of the wheat.
15 Sending his word upon the earth, even till his word shall run quickly. 16 Giving snow as wool: he will scatter the hoarfrost as ashes. 17 Casting his ice as morsels: before his cold who shall stand? 18 He will send his word and melt them: his wind shall blow, the waters will flow.
19 Announcing his word to Jacob, his laws and judgments to Israel. 20 He did not thus to every nation: and judgments they knew them not Praise ye Jah.