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The word occurs only in the writings of St. John: four times in his Gospel (Joh 14:16,26; 15:26; 16:7) of the Holy Spirit, and once in his 1st Epistle (1Jo 2:1) of Jesus. It is unfortunate that our English Versions have rendered it in the former 'Comforter' (Revised Version margin 'or Advocate, or Helper, Gr. Paraclete') and in the latter 'Advocate' (Revised Version margin 'or Comforter, or Helper, Gr. Paraclete').

'Comforter,' though a true and beautiful designation of the Holy Spirit, is an impossible rendering. It is true that parakalein means either 'comfort' (Mt 5:4; 2Co 1:4; 7:6) or 'call to one's side' (Ac 28:20), but parakl

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