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she has her own tent, a name used by Ezekiel (Eze 23:4-5,36,44) as a symbol of the idolatry of the kingdom of Israel. This kingdom is described as a lewdwoman, an adulteress, given up to the abominations and idolatries of the Egyptians and Assyrians. Because of her crimes, she was carried away captive, and ceased to be a kingdom. (Comp. Ps 78:67-69; 1Ki 12:25-33; 2Ch 11:13-16.)

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("her own tent".) i.e., "she (Samaria, or the northern kingdom of Israel) has a tabernacle of her own"; namely, Jeroboam's golden calves of Dan and Bethel; "will worship" (Col 2:23). See Ezekiel 23: Aholibah (Aholah's sister). "My (Jehovah's) tent is in her," Judah: so far superior to Aholah that her worship was not self devised but God appointed. Compare Ps 78:67-69; 1Ki 12:25-33; 1Ch 11:13-16. But both were false to Jehovah their true husband (Isa 54:5).

Aholah (Samaria) gave her heart to the Assyrians, trusting in their power, and imitating their splendid luxury, and following their idols. Now God's just principle is, when the church corrupts herself with the world, the instrument of her sin is the instrument of her punishment. The Assyrians on whom she had leaned carried her away captive to Assyria, whence she has never returned (2Ki 15:18-29,17). Aholibah (Judah) was worse, in that her privileges were greater, and she ought to have been warned by the awful fate of Samaria. But she gave herself up to be corrupted by the Babylonians; and again the instrument of her sin was also the instrument of her punishment (Jer 2:19; Pr 1:31).

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Ezekiel uses this name, signifying 'her own tent or tabernacle,' for a symbolical harlot to represent Samaria, upon whom he charges gross profligacy: only to be exceeded by Aholibah, her yet more guilty sister Jerusalem. The prophet was charged to declare unto them their abominations, which he goes on to describe, and their predicted destruction. Eze 23:4-44.

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