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See Daemon.


The word does not occur in AV. In RV it is substituted for 'devil' in the margin of many passages, and the American Committee was in favour of its adoption in the text. Twice it stands in the text (De 32:17; Ps 106:37), representing a root found in both Assyrian and Arabic, and denoting a species of genli or demi-gods, who were conceived as invested with power for good or evil, and to whom even human sacrifices were offered. So in Bar 4:7; and in the same sense probably 'devils' is used in 1Co 10:20 and Re 9:20. For the conception of demon as an influence or spirit, exclusively evil, see Devil; and for the phenomena, see Possession and Exorcism.

R. W. Moss.

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?????????, ??????. It is to be regretted that the translators of the A.V. did not use the word 'demon' where these words occur instead of 'devil,' for which there is another Greek word, ????????, signifying 'accuser.' This latter word is used only in the singular, referring to the devil

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In the Gospels generally, in

Jas 2:19

and in Reve 16:14 the demons are spoken of as spiritual beings, at enmity with God, and having power to afflict man not only with disease, but, as is marked by the frequent epithet "un-clean," with spiritual pollution also. They "believe" the power of God "and tremble,"

Jas 2:19

they recognized the Lord as the Son of God,

Mt 8:29; Lu 4:41

and acknowledged the power of his name, used in exorcism. In the place of the name of Jehovah, by his appointed messengers,

Ac 19:15

and looked forward in terror to the judgment to come.

Mt 8:29

The description is precisely that of a nature akin to the angelic in knowledge and powers, but with the emphatic addition of the idea of positive and active wickedness.

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