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Reference: Helps


(1Co 12:28) may refer to help (i.e., by interpretation) given to him who speaks with tongues, or more probably simply help which Christians can render to one another, such as caring for the poor and needy, etc.

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One class of ministrations in the early church, antileepsiees (1Co 12:28). A lower department, as "governments" are a higher; for instance, deacons who helped in relieving the poor, baptizing and preaching, subordinate to higher ministers (Ac 6:1-10; 8:5-17); others helped with their time and means in the Lord's cause (1Co 13:3; Nu 11:17). Americans similarly use "helps" for "helpers." In Ro 12:8 "he that giveth" answers to "helps," "he that ruleth" to "governments," as bishops or presbyters (1Ti 5:17; Heb 13:17,24).

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Ac 27:17 'they used helps, undergirding the ships.' The reference is to 'cables passed round the hull of the ship, and tightly secured on deck, to prevent the timbers from starting, especially amidships, where in ancient vessels with one large mast the strain was very great. The technical English word is frapping, but the process has only been rarely employed since the early part of the century, owing to improvements in shipbuilding' (Page's Acts of the Apostles; see Smith's Voyage and Shipwreck of St. Paul, p. 105).


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