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Theasaurus: Ministry

59 Bible Verses about Ministry

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2 Corinthians 3:3

Manifesting yourselves that ye are a letter of Christ, ministered by us, - inscribed - not with ink, but with the Spirit of a Living God, not in tablets of stone, but in tablets which are hearts of flesh.

Acts 1:25

To take the place of this ministry and apostleship, from which Judas went aside, to go his way unto his own place.

2 Corinthians 9:13

Of many who, through the proof of this ministry, are glorifying God for your acknowledged submission unto the glad-message of the Christ, and for the liberality of the fellowship, unto them, and unto all, -

Colossians 1:25

Of which, I, have become minister - according to the administration of God which hath been given unto me to you-ward, to fill up the word of God,

2 Corinthians 3:9

For, if, the ministry of condemnation was glory, much rather, doth the ministry of righteousness abound with glory,

2 Timothy 4:11

Luke, alone is with me. Receiving, Mark, back, bring him with thyself, for he is very useful to me for ministering;

1 Corinthians 9:13

Know ye not that, they who labour in the holy rites, do eat the provisions out of the holy place? They who at the altar wait, do, with the altar, share?

2 Corinthians 6:3

Giving, no single, occasion of stumbling, in anything, that the ministry be not blamed;

Acts 8:21

Thou hast neither part nor lot in this matter; for, thy heart, is not upright before God.

Numbers 8:25

but from the age of fifty years, shall they retire from taking rank in the labour, and shall do laborious work no more;

2 Corinthians 3:7

But, if, the ministry of death, in letters engraven in stones, was brought into existence with glory, so that the sons of Israel could not look steadfastly into the face of Moses, by reason of the glory of his face - which glory was to be done away,

Hebrews 8:6

But, now, hath he attained unto, a more distinguished public ministry, - by as much as of a better covenant also he is, mediator, which indeed, upon better promises, hath been legislated.

Acts 26:16

But rise and stand upon thy feet; for, to this end, have I appeared unto thee, - To appoint thee an attendant and a witness, both of the things as to which thou hast seen me, and of those as to which I will appear unto thee:

Romans 11:13

Unto you, however, am I speaking, - you of the nations; inasmuch, indeed, then, as, I, am an apostle to the nations, my ministry, I glorify,

Galatians 2:8

For, he that energised in Peter, into an apostleship to the circumcision, energised also in me, for the nations, -

Ezekiel 46:24

And he said unto me, - they, are the places of them who boil, where they who wait upon the house shall be the sacrifice of the people.

Colossians 4:17

And say to Archippus: be taking heed unto the ministry which thou hast accepted in the Lord, - that, the same, thou fulfil.

Luke 8:3

and Joana, wife of Chuza steward of Herod, and Susanna, and many others, - who indeed were ministering unto them out of their possessions.

2 Chronicles 5:14

and the priests could not stand to minister, by reason of the cloud,-for, the glory of Yahweh, filled, the house of God.

1 Corinthians 9:14

Thus, also, hath the Lord, appointed - that, they who the glad message tell, should, of the glad-message, live.

Exodus 24:13

And Moses rose up, and Joshua his attendant, and Moses went up into the mountain of God;

Hosea 12:10

And I will lay my word upon the prophets, yea, I myself, have magnified, vision, - and, by the hand of the prophets, will I use similitudes.

Colossians 1:23

If, at least, ye are abiding still in the faith, founded and firm, and not to be moved away from the hope of the glad-message which ye have heard, which hath been proclaimed in all creation which is under heaven, - of which, I Paul, have become minister.

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Ministry » Who is a minister of God

Romans 13:1-6

Let, every soul, unto protecting authorities be in subjection; for there is no authority save by God, and, they that are in being, have by God been arranged, - So that, he who rangeth himself against the authority, against the arrangement of God opposeth himself, and, they who oppose, shall unto themselves a sentence of judgment receive. For, they who bear rule, are not a terror unto the good work but unto the evil. Wouldst thou not be afraid of the authority? That which is good, be thou doing, and thou shall have praise of the same; read more.
For, God's minister, is he unto thee for that which is good. But, if, that which is evil, thou be doing, be afraid! For, not in vain, the sword he beareth; for, God's minister, he is, - an avenger, unto anger, to him who practiseth what is evil. Wherefore it is necessary to be in subjection, - not only because of the anger, but also because of the conscience; For, because of this, are ye paying tribute also, - for, God's ministers of state, they are, unto this very thing, giving constant attendance.

2 Corinthians 3:1-6

Are we to begin again, ourselves, to commend? or have we need, like some, of commendatory letters unto you, or from you? Our letter, ye, are, inscribed in our hearts, noted and read by all men: Manifesting yourselves that ye are a letter of Christ, ministered by us, - inscribed - not with ink, but with the Spirit of a Living God, not in tablets of stone, but in tablets which are hearts of flesh. read more.
But, such confidence as this, have we, through the Christ, towards God. Not that, of our own selves, sufficient, are we, to reckon anything as of ourselves, but, our sufficiency, is of God; - Who also hath made us sufficient to be ministers of a new covenant - not of letter, but of spirit, for, the letter, killeth, whereas, the Spirit, maketh alive.

Ministry » How to minister

Topics on Ministry

Angels, Ministry To Believers

Genesis 24:7

Yahweh, God of the heavens, and God of the earth, who took me out of the house of my father, and out of the land of my kindred, and, who spake to me, and who sware to me, saying, To thy seed, will I give this land, he, will send his messenger before thee, so shalt then take a wife for my son from thence.

Angels, Ministry To Unbelievers

Genesis 19:1

So the two messengers went in towards Sodom at eventide, Lot, being seated in the gate of Sodom, - so Lot beheld and rose up to meet them, and bowed himself with his face to the earth.

Apostles, During Jesus Earthly Ministry

Mark 3:14

and he appointed a twelve, whom also he named, Apostles, - that they might be with him, and that he might be sending them forth to make proclamation,

Forgiveness, In Ministry of Christ

Matthew 1:20-21

But, when, these things, he had pondered, lo! a messenger of the Lord, by dream, appeared to him, saying, - Joseph, son of David! do not fear to take unto thee Mary thy wife, for, that which, in her, hath been begotten, is of the , Holy, Spirit.

Ministry Of The Son Of Man

Matthew 16:13

And, Jesus coming into the parts of Caesarea of Philip, began questioning his disciples, saying - Who are men saying that, the Son of Man, is?

Ministry, Qualifications For

Deuteronomy 7:7-8

not because ye were more in number than any of the peoples, did Yahweh become attached to you and make choice of you, - for, ye, were fewer than any of the peoples;