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dread, a descendant of Canaan, and the ancestor of the Hittites (Ge 10:18; De 7:1), who dwelt in the vicinity of Hebron (Ge 23:3,7). The Hittites were a Hamitic race. They are called "the sons of Heth" (Ge 23:3,5,7,10,16,18,20).

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Son of Canaan, Ham's son; from whence sprung the Hittites, occupying the hill country of Judah near Hebron. But the race enlarged its borders so that they with the Amorites represent all Canaan (Jos 1:4; Eze 16:3, "thy father was an Amorite, thy mother an Hittite".) See Ge 23:3-20. Esau's marriage to one of the daughters of Heth "grieved the mind" of Isaac and Rebekah, for their morals were lax and their worship idolatrous (Ge 26:34-35; 27:46). In Solomon's and in Joram's times there were independent Hittite kings (1Ki 10:29; 2Ki 7:6). In the Egyptian monuments they are called the Kheta, who made themselves masters of Syria.

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A 'son' of Canaan, Ge 10:15 (Jahwist) = 1Ch 1:13. The wives of Esau are called in Ge 27:46 (Redactor) 'daughters of Heth'; and in Ge 23:3 ff; Ge 25:10; 49:32 (all Priestly Narrative) 'children of Heth,' i.e. Hittites, are located at Mamre. See, further, Hittites.

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Second son of Canaan, from whom descended the HITTITES, q.v. They are often called 'the children of Heth.' Ge 10:15; 23:3-20; 25:10; 27:46; 49:32; 1Ch 1:13.

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(terror), the forefather of the nation of the Hittites. In the genealogical tables of

Ge 10:15

and 1Chr 1:13 Heth is a son of Canaan.

Ge 24:3-4; 28:1-2

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HETH, the father of the Hittites, was the eldest son of Canaan, Ge 10:15, and dwelt southward of the promised land, probably about Hebron. Ephron, who was an inhabitant of that city, was of the race of Heth; and in the time of Abraham the whole city were of the family of Heth.

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