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HUNTING is not conspicuous in the literature of the Hebrews that remains to us. We may probably infer that it did not bulk largely in their life. As an amusement, it seems to belong to a more advanced stage of civilization than they had reached. The typical hunter was found outside their borders (Ge 10:9). Esau, skilful in the chase, is depicted as somewhat uncouth and simple (Ge 25:27 etc.). Not till the time of Herod do we hear of a king achieving excellence in this form of sport (Josephus BJ I. xxi. 13). Wild animals and birds were, however, appreciated as food (Le 17:13; 1Sa 26:20 etc.); and in a country like Palestine, abounding in beasts and birds of prey, some proficiency in the huntsman's art was necessary in order to secure the safety of the community, and the protection of the flocks. Among these 'evil beasts' lions and bears were the most dangerous (Ge 37:33; 1Ki 13:24; 2Ki 2:24; Pr 28:15 etc.). Deeds of prowess in the slaughter of such animals

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