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Reference: Jewels And Precious Stones


The greater number of the precious stones in the Bible occur in three lists which it will be instructive to tabulate at the outset. These are: (A) the stones in the high priest's breastplate (Ex 28:17-20; 39:10-13); (B) those in the 'covering' of the king of Tyre (Eze 28:13); (C) those in the foundation of the New Jerusalem (Re 21:19-20). The three lists are to some extent mutually connected. A contains 12 stones. B in Heb. has 9, all taken from A, with traces of A's order in their arrangement. In Septuagint the two lists are identical, and possibly the Heb. of B is corrupt. C also has 12 stones, and is evidently partly dependent on the Septuagint of A and B.

It seems likely that in List A as well as in List B the Septuagint iaspis corresponds to the Heb. yashepheh, and that the sixth and twelfth names in the Heb. of A have been interchanged.


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