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in the title of Ps 61, denotes the music of stringed instruments (1Sa 16:16; Isa 38:20). It is the singular form of Neginoth.

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NEGINAH Hebrew neginath (singular). Title of Psalm 61. The construct form; translated therefore "upon the instrumental music of David." As Hab 3:19 "to the chief singer on my stringed instruments"; also Am 6:5, "invent instruments of music like David." NEGINOTH (plural), the general name for all stringed instruments (1Sa 18:6,10; 19:9; 16:16-18,23; Ps 33:2; 92:3; 68:25; 150:4), played with the hand or a plectrum or quill; from nigeen, "performed music." Psalm 4's title: for "on" translated (...) "to be accompanied with stringed instruments" (Hengstenberg); chapters 6, 54, 55, 67, 76.

But Delitzsch: "Neginah denotes not a particular stringed instrument, but the music on such instruments (often a taunting song in Hebrew, Ps 69:12; Job 30:9); Neginoth is the music formed by numerous notes running into one another, not various instruments." In Hab 3:19 the direction is the prophet's to the precentor or "chief singer," how the ode was to be performed in the temple liturgy. He had a stringed instrument of his own ("my") of a form adapted to accompany his subject; or rather (Hengstenberg) the "my" is Israel's sacred national temple music. As Shigionoth in the beginning marks the melody erratic and enthusiastically irregular as suited to the subject, so Neginoth at the close directs as to the instrument to be used (compare Isa 38:20).

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Negi'nah Neginoth. Negi'noth

A word occurring in the headings of Ps. 4; Ps. 6; Ps. 54; Ps. 55; Ps. 61; Ps. 67; Ps. 76. It is supposed to signify in the plural 'on stringed instruments,' as it is translated in Hab 3:19. Neginah, the singular, occurs only in Ps. 61.

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(stringed instruments), the singular of Neginoth. If occurs in the title of

Ps 61:1

It is the general term by which all stringed instruments are described. "The chief musician on Neginoth" was therefore the conductor of that portion of the temple-choir who played upon the stringed instruments, and who are mentioned in

Ps 68:25

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