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Were erected not only in the outer walls and on the heights within cities,

Jg 9:47-49; Ps 48:12; Lu 13:4, but along the frontiers of a country, at points where the approach of an enemy could be descried at a distance, Jg 9:17; Isa 21:6-9; Eze 33:2-6. A tower afforded a refuge to the surrounding inhabitants, in case of invasion; and often, when most of a city was subdued, the tower or citadel remained impregnable. So God is a strong and safe protector of his people, Ps 18:2; 61:8; Pr 18:10. A slight tower or look-out was often erected for the keeper of a vineyard or flock, 2Ch 26:10; Isa 5:2; Mic 4:8; Mt 21:33; and travelers in Palestine see them in use at this day.

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of Babel (Ge 11:4), Edar (Ge 35:21), Penuel (Jg 8:9,17), Shechem (Jg 9:46), David (Song 4:4), Lebanon (Song 7:4), Syene (Eze 29:10), Hananeel (Zec 14:10), Siloam (Lu 13:4). There were several towers in Jerusalem (2Ch 26:9; Ps 48:12). They were erected for various purposes, as watch-towers in vineyard (Isa 5:2; Mt 21:33) and towers for defence.

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Used as parts of city walls, or separate, as EDAR, LEBANON, etc., to defend wells, flocks, or commerce (2Ch 26:10; 27:4; Ge 35:21; Mic 4:8). Also attached to vineyards, as lodges for the keepers, wherein they could watch against the depredations of man or beast (Isa 5:2; Mt 21:33; Mr 12:1).

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