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(Gr. Logos), one of the titles of our Lord, found only in the writings of John (Joh 1:1-14; 1Jo 1:1; Re 19:13). As such, Christ is the revealer of God. His office is to make God known. "No man hath seen God at any time; the only begotten Son, which is in the bosom of the Father, he hath declared him" (Joh 1:18). This title designates the divine nature of Christ. As the Word, he "was in the beginning" and "became flesh." "The Word was with God " and "was God," and was the Creator of all things (comp. Ps 33:6; 107:20; 119:89; 147:18; Isa 40:8).

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(See JOHN; JESUS.) Christ's title, as the personal Revealer in Himself of the Godhead, even before His incarnation, involving personality (not merely the Intelligence of God) and Divinity. In the introduction of John's Gospel and that of his Epistle, and in his Re 19:13, at once with God and Himself God, by whom God made all things. Philo's Logos ("word") on the contrary excludes personality, and is identical at times with God, at other times with the world. By word man, who is in God's image, makes known his mind; so the Word is the outcome of God's essence (Heb 4:12-13; 1Pe 1:25; Ge 1:3); by the Word He made the universe (Ps 33:6). The Medium of every external act of God (Heb 1:1-3) in the physical and spiritual creations.

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A designation of the Lord Jesus, employed by John in the opening of his gospel, and mentioned in Lu 1:2. The word is ?????, which occurs constantly in the N.T. and is translated 'word, saying, speech,' etc. In John 1 it is 'the Word who is in view,' and what is stated asserts clearly three things concerning the Person of the Lord Jesus Christ.

1. His eternal existence: "in the beginning was the Word;" "all things were made by him."

2. His true deity: "the Word was God."

3. His distinct personality: "the Word was with God."

As the Word, the Lord Jesus is the substance and expression of the mind of God in regard of man; and the term covers what He was on earth for man

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