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32 Bible Verses about Evil Plans

Most Relevant Verses

Psalm 28:3

Do not drag me away with [the] wicked or with [the] workers of evil, [who] speak of peace with their neighbors, while evil [is] in their heart.

Psalm 36:4

He plans sin on his bed. He puts himself on a way [that is] not good. He does not reject evil.

Psalm 62:3

How long will you attack a man? All of you will be shattered like a leaning wall, a tottering fence.

Micah 2:1

Woe [to] those who plan wickedness and evil deeds upon their beds! In the light of the morning they did it, because they have power in their hands.

Proverbs 24:8

He who plans to do evil for himself, they will call [him] "master of mischief."

Psalm 38:12

Those who seek my life lay snares as well, and those intent on my harm speak threats. They also plot deceit all day.

Ezekiel 38:10

" 'Thus says the Lord Yahweh: "{And then} on that day, things will come up on your mind, and you will devise evil plans.

Nahum 1:11

From you goes out one who plots evil against Yahweh, one who plans wickedness.

Isaiah 32:7

And a scoundrel, his weapons [are] evil; he plans evil devices to ruin [the] poor with words of deception even when the speech of [the] needy [is] right.

Psalm 37:12

[The] wicked plans [evil] against the righteous, and gnashes at him [with] his teeth.

Lamentations 3:62

The lips and meditation of my assailants [are] against me all day long.

Lamentations 3:60

You have seen all their vengeance, all there plans against me.

Lamentations 3:61

You have heard their disgrace, O Yahweh, all their plans against me.

Proverbs 12:20

Deceit [is] in the heart of {those who plan} evil, but to {those who plan} peace, [there is] joy.

Proverbs 14:22

Have they not erred, those who plan evil? But loyalty and faithfulness [belong to] those who plan good.

Hosea 7:6

Because they are kindled like an oven, their heart burns within them; all night their anger {smolders}, [in the] morning it blazes like a flaming fire.

Hosea 7:15

And I myself trained and strengthened their arms; but they plan evil against me.

Zechariah 8:17

Do not devise evil in your hearts [against] your neighbor, and do not love {a false oath}, because all these [are] things I hate," {declares} Yahweh.

Ezekiel 11:2

And he said to me, "Son of man, these [are] the men {who devise mischief}, and [who are] offering bad counsel in this city,

Daniel 11:24

In [a time of] ease and in [the] rich parts of [the] province, he will come and he will do what {his predecessors} did not do; he will distribute plunder and spoil and possessions to them, and he will devise his plans against fortifications, but [only] {for a time}.

Daniel 11:25

And he will stir up his power and his heart against the king of the south and {with a much greater and stronger army}; but he will not succeed, for they will devise plans against him.

Isaiah 7:5

Because Aram has plotted evil against you [with] Ephraim and the son of Remaliah, saying,

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