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31 Bible Verses about goodbyes

Most Relevant Verses

Luke 9:61

Still another man said, "I will follow you, Lord, but first let me say goodbye to those at home."

Acts 18:21

As he told them goodbye, he said, "I will come back to you again if it is God's will." Then he set sail from Ephesus.

Ruth 1:9

May the LORD grant each of you security in your new husbands' households." Then she kissed them good-bye, and they cried loudly.

Acts 19:41

After saying this, he dismissed the assembly.

2 John 1:10

If anyone comes to you but does not present his teachings, do not receive him into your house or even welcome him,

Acts 21:6

and said goodbye to each other. Then we reboarded the ship, and they went back home.

1 Kings 19:20

He abandoned the oxen, ran off to follow Elijah, and asked him, "Please, let me kiss my mother and father good-bye, and then I'll come after you." "Go back again," Elijah replied. "What have I done to you?"

Acts 20:37

All of them cried and cried as they put their arms around Paul and kissed him affectionately.

Ruth 1:14

They began to cry loudly again. So Orpah kissed her mother-in-law good-bye, but Ruth remained with her.

Acts 21:1

When we had torn ourselves away from those brothers, we sailed straight to Cos, and the next day to Rhodes, and from there to Patara.

Acts 1:15

At that time, Peter got up among the brothers (there were about 120 people present) and said,

Mark 6:46

After saying goodbye to them, he went up on a hillside to pray.

Genesis 31:28

As it is, you didn't even allow me to kiss my grandchildren and daughters goodbye! You've acted foolishly.

2 Corinthians 2:13

but my spirit could not find any relief, because I couldn't find Titus, my brother. So I said goodbye to them and went on to Macedonia.

1 Samuel 20:41

The servant went. Then David came out from the south side of the rock, fell on his face, and bowed down three times. The men kissed each other, and both of them cried, but David even more.

Acts 18:18

After staying there for quite a while longer, Paul said goodbye to the brothers and sailed for Syria, accompanied by Priscilla and Aquila. He had his hair cut in Cenchrea, since he was under a vow.

Genesis 31:55

Early the next morning, Laban woke up, kissed his grandchildren and daughters, blessed them, and then left for home.

2 Timothy 1:4

recalling your tears and longing to see you so that I can be filled with joy.

Acts 20:1

When the uproar was over, Paul sent for the disciples and encouraged them. Then he said goodbye to them and left to go to Macedonia.

Hebrews 13:24

Greet all your leaders and all the saints. Those who are from Italy greet you.

Acts 15:29

to keep away from food sacrificed to idols, from blood, from anything strangled, and from sexual immorality. If you avoid these things, you will do well. Goodbye."

Acts 20:17

From Miletus he sent messengers to Ephesus to ask the elders of the church to meet with him.

Luke 9:60

But he told him, "Let the dead bury their own dead. But you go and proclaim the kingdom of God."

Acts 21:5

but when our time there came to an end, we left and proceeded on our journey. All of them accompanied us with their wives and children out of the city. We knelt on the beach, prayed,

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