26 Bible Verses about Hope For The Righteous

Most Relevant Verses

Psalm 43:5

Why are you depressed, O my soul? Why are you upset? Wait for God! For I will again give thanks to my God for his saving intervention.

Lamentations 3:24

"My portion is the Lord," I have said to myself, so I will put my hope in him.

Acts 24:15

I have a hope in God (a hope that these men themselves accept too) that there is going to be a resurrection of both the righteous and the unrighteous.

Psalm 33:18-22

Look, the Lord takes notice of his loyal followers, those who wait for him to demonstrate his faithfulness by saving their lives from death and sustaining them during times of famine. We wait for the Lord; he is our deliverer and shield.read more.
For our hearts rejoice in him, for we trust in his holy name. May we experience your faithfulness, O Lord, for we wait for you.

Psalm 119:74-81

Your loyal followers will be glad when they see me, for I find hope in your word. I know, Lord, that your regulations are just. You disciplined me because of your faithful devotion to me. May your loyal love console me, as you promised your servant.read more.
May I experience your compassion, so I might live! For I find delight in your law. May the arrogant be humiliated, for they have slandered me! But I meditate on your precepts. May your loyal followers turn to me, those who know your rules. May I be fully committed to your statutes, so that I might not be ashamed. (Kaf) I desperately long for your deliverance. I find hope in your word.

Isaiah 49:23

Kings will be your children's guardians; their princesses will nurse your children. With their faces to the ground they will bow down to you and they will lick the dirt on your feet. Then you will recognize that I am the Lord; those who wait patiently for me are not put to shame.

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