Pay Attention To People!

Most Relevant Verses

Exodus 18:19

Now listen to me; I will give you some advice, and God be with you. You be the one to represent the people before God and bring their cases to Him.

Job 15:17

Listen to me and I will inform you. I will describe what I have seen,

Job 32:10

Therefore I say, "Listen to me. I too will declare what I know."

Job 33:1

But now, Job, pay attention to my speech, and listen to all my words.

Job 33:31

Pay attention, Job, and listen to me. Be quiet, and I will speak.

Job 33:33

If not, then listen to me; be quiet, and I will teach you wisdom.

Job 34:2

Hear my words, you wise men, and listen to me, you knowledgeable ones.

Job 34:10

Therefore listen to me, you men of understanding. It is impossible for God [to do] wrong, and [for] the Almighty [to act] unjustly.

Job 34:16

If you [have] understanding, hear this; listen to what I have to say.

Proverbs 8:6

Listen, for I speak of noble things, and what my lips say is right.

1 Samuel 28:22

Now please listen to your servant. Let me set some food in front of you. Eat and it will give you strength so you can go on your way."

Job 13:17

Pay close attention to my words; let my declaration [ring] in your ears.

Job 21:2

Pay close attention to my words; let this be the consolation you offer.

Genesis 4:23

Lamech said to his wives: Adah and Zillah, hear my voice; wives of Lamech, pay attention to my words. For I killed a man for wounding me, a boy for striking me.

Judges 9:7

When they told Jotham, he climbed to the top of Mount Gerizim, raised his voice, and called to them: Listen to me, lords of Shechem, and may God listen to you:

Genesis 21:12

But God said to Abraham, "Do not be concerned about the boy and your slave. Whatever Sarah says to you, listen to her, because your offspring will be traced through Isaac.

Genesis 27:8

Now obey every order I give you, my son.

Genesis 27:13

His mother said to him, "Your curse be on me, my son. Just obey me and go get them for me."

Genesis 27:43

So now, my son, listen to me. Flee at once to my brother Laban in Haran,

Isaiah 28:23

Listen and hear my voice. Pay attention and hear what I say.

Genesis 49:2

Come together and listen, sons of Jacob; listen to your father Israel:

Numbers 23:18

Balaam proclaimed his poem: Balak, get up and listen; son of Zippor, pay attention to what I say!

Ezekiel 40:4

He spoke to me: "Son of man, look with your eyes, listen with your ears, and pay attention to everything I am going to show you, for you have been brought here so that I might show [it] to you. Report everything you see to the house of Israel."

1 Samuel 8:7

But the Lord told him, "Listen to the people and everything they say to you. They have not rejected you; they have rejected Me as their king.

1 Samuel 8:9

Listen to them, but you must solemnly warn them and tell them about the rights of the king who will rule over them."

1 Samuel 8:22

"Listen to them," the Lord told Samuel. "Appoint a king for them." Then Samuel told the men of Israel, "Each of you, go back to your city."

Luke 18:6

Then the Lord said, "Listen to what the unjust judge says.

Acts 2:14

But Peter stood up with the Eleven, raised his voice, and proclaimed to them: "Jewish men and all you residents of Jerusalem, let this be known to you and pay attention to my words.

Acts 7:2

"Brothers and fathers," he said, "listen: The God of glory appeared to our father Abraham when he was in Mesopotamia, before he settled in Haran,

Acts 15:13

After they stopped speaking, James responded: "Brothers, listen to me!

Acts 22:1

"Brothers and fathers, listen now to my defense before you."

Acts 24:4

However, so that I will not burden you any further, I beg you in your graciousness to give us a brief hearing.

Acts 26:3

especially since you are an expert in all the Jewish customs and controversies. Therefore I beg you to listen to me patiently.

Acts 27:21

Since many were going without food, Paul stood up among them and said, "You men should have followed my advice not to sail from Crete and sustain this damage and loss.

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