Praise And Worship

Most Relevant Verses

Psalm 66:4

All the earth will bow in worship to you, and sing [praise] to you. They will sing [the praise of] your name." Selah

Psalm 71:8

My mouth is filled with your praise, with your glory all the day.

Psalm 30:12

so that {I} may sing praises to you and not be quiet. O Yahweh, my God, I will give thanks to you forever.

Psalm 115:17

The dead do not praise Yah, nor any descending into silence.

Hebrews 2:12

saying, "I will proclaim your name to my brothers; in the midst of the assembly I will sing in praise of you."

Psalm 92:1

[It is] good to give thanks to Yahweh, and to sing praise concerning your name, O Most High;

Psalm 99:9

Exalt Yahweh our God, and worship at his holy mountain, for Yahweh our God [is] holy.

Psalm 147:1

Praise Yah. For [it is] good to sing praises [to] our God; for [it is] pleasant; praise is fitting.

Psalm 52:9

I will give thanks to you forever, because [of what] you have done, and I will wait on your name, because [it is] good, in the presence of your faithful ones.

Psalm 22:23

You who revere Yahweh, praise him! Glorify him, all [you] seed of Jacob, and be in awe of him, all [you] seed of Israel,

1 Corinthians 14:15

{Therefore what should I do}? I will pray with my spirit, but I will also pray with my mind. I will sing praise with my spirit, but I will also sing praise with my mind.

Psalm 145:1

I will exalt you, my God, O king, and I will bless your name forever and ever.

Psalm 134:1

Look, bless Yahweh, all [you] the servants of Yahweh, who {serve} in the house of Yahweh by night.

Nehemiah 8:6

Then Ezra blessed Yahweh the great God, and all of the people answered, "Amen! Amen!" while lifting their hands. Then they bowed down and worshiped Yahweh [with their] noses to the ground.

Isaiah 42:12

Let them give glory to Yahweh and declare his praise in the coastlands.

Psalm 99:3

Let them praise your great and fearful name. He [is] holy.

Psalm 150:3

Praise him with blast of horn; praise him with harp and lyre.

Psalm 132:7

Let us go to his dwelling places; Let us worship at his footstool.

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