Those Who Wait For God

Most Relevant Verses

Isaiah 8:17

And I will wait for Yahweh, who hides his face from the house of Jacob, and I will await him.

Psalm 25:21

Let integrity and uprightness preserve me, because I wait for you.

Psalm 25:5

Cause me to walk in your truth and teach me, because you [are] the God of my salvation. I await you {all day long}.

Psalm 130:6

My soul [waits] for the Lord more than watchmen for the morning. Yes, [more than] watchmen for the morning.

Psalm 52:9

I will give thanks to you forever, because [of what] you have done, and I will wait on your name, because [it is] good, in the presence of your faithful ones.

Psalm 62:1

Only for God my soul [waits in] silence. From him [is] my salvation.

Isaiah 26:8

Surely we wait for you [in] the path of your judgments, Yahweh, for your name and renown [are the] desire of [the] soul.

Isaiah 33:2

Yahweh, be gracious to us, we wait for you. Be our arm in the mornings, indeed our salvation in [the] time of trouble.

Isaiah 51:5

My righteousness [is] near; my salvation has gone out, and my arms will judge [the] peoples. [The] coastlands wait for me, and for my arm they wait.

Psalm 69:3

I am weary with my calling [out]; my throat is parched. My eyes are exhausted [in my] waiting for my God.

Psalm 119:81

My soul languishes for your salvation; I hope in your word.

Mark 15:43

Joseph of Arimathea, a prominent member of the council who was also himself looking forward to the kingdom of God, came acting courageously [and] went in to Pilate and asked for the body of Jesus.

Psalm 119:43

And do not snatch [the] word of truth utterly from my mouth, for I hope in your ordinances.

Psalm 119:74

Those who fear you will see me and be glad, because I hope in your word.

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