1 And take thou unto thee, Aaron thy brother, and his sons with him, from among the children of Israel, that he may minister unto me: both Aaron, Nadab, Abihu, Eleazar and Ithamar, Aaron's sons. 2 And thou shalt make holy raiment for Aaron thy brother, both honorable and glorious. 3 Moreover, speak unto all that are wise hearted, which I have filled with the spirit of wisdom: that they make Aaron's raiment to consecrate him with, that he may minister unto me. 4 "These are the garments which they shall make: a breastlap, ephod, a tunicle, a strait coat, a mitre and a girdle. And they shall make holy garments for Aaron thy brother and his sons, that he may minister unto me. 5 And they shall take thereto, gold, jacinth, scarlet, purple and bysse.
6 And they shall make the ephod of gold, jacinth, scarlet, purple and white twined bysse with broidered work. 7 The two sides shall come together, closed up in the edges thereof. 8 And the girdle of the ephod shall be of the same workmanship and of the same stuff: even of gold, jacinth, scarlet, purple and twined bysse.
9 And thou shalt take two onyx stones and grave in them the names of the children of Israel: 10 six in the one stone, and the other six in the other stone: according to the order of their birth. 11 After the work of a stone graver, even as signets are graven, shalt thou grave the two stones with the names of the children of Israel, and shalt make them to be set in ouches of gold. 12 And thou shalt put the two stones upon the two shoulders of the ephod, and they shall be stones of remembrance unto the children of Israel. And Aaron shall bear their names before the LORD upon his two shoulders for a remembrance. 13 And thou shalt make hooks of gold, 14 and two chains of fine gold: link work and wreathed, and fasten the wreathed chains to the hooks.
15 And thou shalt make the breastlap of example with broidered work: even after the work of the ephod shalt thou make it: of gold, jacinth, scarlet, purple and twined bysse shalt thou make it. 16 Foursquare it shall be and double, a hand breadth long and a hand breadth broad. 17 And thou shalt fill it with four rows of stones. In the first row shall be a Sardius, a Topaz and Smaragdus. 18 The second row, a Ruby, Sapphire and Diamond. 19 The third, Ligurius, an Agate and Amethyst. 20 The fourth, a Turquoise, Onyx and Jasper. And they shall be set in gold in their enclosures. 21 And the stones shall be graven as signets be graven: with the names of the children of Israel, even with twelve names every one with his name according to the twelve tribes.
22 And thou shalt make upon the breastlap two fastening chains of pure gold and wreathen work. 23 And thou shalt make likewise upon the breastlap two rings of gold and put them on the edges of the breastlap, 24 and put the two wreathen chains of gold in the two rings which are in the edges of the breastlap. 25 And the two ends of the two chains thou shalt fasten in the two rings, and put them upon the shoulders of the ephod: on the foreside of it. 26 And thou shalt yet make two rings of gold, and put them in the two edges of the breastlap even in the borders thereof toward the inside of the ephod that is over against it. 27 And yet two other rings of gold thou shalt make, and put them on the two sides of the ephod, beneath over against the breastlap, below where the sides are joined together upon the broidered girdle of the ephod. 28 And they shall bind the breastlap by his rings unto the rings of the ephod with a lace of jacinth, that it may lie close unto the broidered girdle of the ephod, that the breastlap be not loosed from the ephod.
29 "And Aaron shall bear the names of the children Israel in the breastlap of example upon his heart, when he goeth into the holy place, for a remembrance before the LORD always. 30 And thou shalt put in the breastlap of example Light and Perfectness: that they be even upon Aaron's heart when he goeth in before the LORD and Aaron shall bear the example of the children of Israel upon his heart before the LORD always.
31 And thou shalt make the tunicle unto the ephod, altogether of jacinth. 32 And there shall be a hole for the head in the midst of it, and let there be a bond of woven work round about the collar of it: as it were the collar of a partlet, that it rend not. 33 And beneath upon the hem, thou shalt make pomegranates of Jacincth, of scarlet, and of purple round about the hem, 34 and bells of gold between them round about: that there be ever a golden bell and a pomegranate, a golden bell and a pomegranate, round about upon the hem of the tunicle. 35 And Aaron shall have it upon him when he ministereth, that the sound may be heard when he goeth into the holy place before the LORD and when he cometh out, that he die not.
36 And thou shalt make a plate of pure gold, and grave thereon, as signets are graven, 'The holiness of the LORD,'
37 and put it on a lace of Jacincth and tie it unto the mitre, 38 upon the forefront of it, that it be upon Aaron's forehead: that Aaron bear the sin of the holy things which the children of Israel have hallowed in all their holy gifts. And it shall be always upon Aaron's forehead, that they may be accepted before the LORD.
39 And thou shalt make an alb of bysse, and thou shalt make a mitre of bysse and a girdle of needle work. 40 And thou shalt make for Aaron's sons also coats, girdles and bonnets; honorable and glorious, 41 and thou shalt put them upon Aaron thy brother and on his sons with him and shalt anoint them and fill their hands and consecrate them, that they may minister unto me. 42 And thou shalt make them linen breeches to cover their privities: from the loins unto the thighs shall they reach. 43 And they shall be upon Aaron and his sons, when they go into the tabernacle of witness, or when they go unto the altar to minister in holiness, that they bear no sin and so die. And it shall be a law for ever unto Aaron and his seed after him."