1 Jesus said likewise to his disciples, a certain rich man had an information against his steward, for making havock of his estate. 2 upon making him appear, he said to him, what information is this, I hear against thee? give an account of your administration, for you must not be my steward any longer.
3 upon which the steward said in himself, what shall I do, now my master strips me of my employment? dig I cannot: and 'tis shameful to beg: I see it now, 4 I must do something that will secure me a reception in other families, when I have lost my place in this.
5 so he sent for every one of his master's debtors in private, he ask'd the first, how much do you owe my master?
6 a hundred measures of oil, said he. take your bill, said the steward, sit down there, and write out one immediately for fifty.
7 then he said to another, how much do you owe? a hundred measures of wheat, said he. take your bill, says the steward, and write out one for fourscore.
8 and this unfaithful steward was commended by his master for being so provident. for they who look to this world, manage their affairs with more prudence, than those who have a prospect of a better. 9 I advise you in like manner to lay out your fallacious treasure in acts of charity, that when you die, they may secure to you everlasting habitations. 10 He that is faithful in a small trust, will be faithful in a greater: and he that is unfaithful in a little, will be unfaithful in much. 11 if therefore your fidelity has not appear'd in the use of these transitory enjoyments, how can you be trusted with what is more lasting? 12 if you have imbezel'd what another gave you in trust, how can he give you an estate in perpetuity? 13 a servant cannot serve two masters: for either he will neglect the one, and attend the other; or he will be attached to the first, and misbehave to the last. you cannot serve God and mammon.
14 The Pharisees too, who were noted for avarice, heard all this discourse, and treated him with derision. 15 but he said to them, you pretend to piety before men, which, however they may admire, is an abomination to God, who knows your real temper.
16 the law and the prophets were the only rule till John's time: since when, the kingdom of God has been proclaim'd, and all sorts of people strive to be members. 17 yet heaven and earth may sooner pass away, than any part of the law be unaccomplish'd.
18 whoever repudiates his wife, and marries another, is an adulterer. and he that marries her, that is repudiated by her husband, is an adulterer.
19 There was a rich man, who used to dress in purple and fine linnen, and pass his days in pomp and luxury. 20 a certain beggar named Lazarus, was lying at his gate, and tho' cover'd with ulcers, the very dogs came and fawned upon him. 21 but he wanted to be fed with the crumbs, that fell from the rich man's table. 22 at length the beggar died: and was conveyed by the angels to Abraham's bower. the rich man died too, and was buried. 23 and being in the infernal regions of torments, he lift up his eyes, and saw Abraham afar off, and Lazarus in his bower. 24 and he cry'd out, saying, father Abraham, take pity on me, and send Lazarus to dip the tip of his finger in water to cool my tongue; for I am tormented in this flame.
25 but Abraham said, son, remember you had your enjoyments, when you were alive, and Lazarus his misfortunes: but now he has his consolation, and you your torments. 26 besides this, there is an unalterable chasm between us and you, so that the passage from one place to the other is impracticable to those who should attempt it.
27 upon which he said, father, I beg it of you, that you would send him to my father's family, where I have five brothers, 28 to give them warning, lest they also come into this place of torment.
29 but Abraham replied, they have Moses and the prophets, let them mind them.
30 no, father Abraham, said he, they will not: but if any of the dead went to them, they will certainly repent.
31 Abraham replied, if they disregard Moses and the prophets, they will not believe any one, though he rose from the dead.