1 In thee, O Yahweh, have I sought refuge, May I not be ashamed unto times age-abiding: 2 In thy righteousness, wilt thou rescue me, and deliver me, Incline unto me thine ear, and save me: 3 Be thou unto me, a Rock to dwell in, a Place of Security, To save me, For, my mountain crag and my stronghold, thou art. 4 Oh my God, deliver me, From the hand of the lawless one, From the clutch of the perverse and ruthless one; 5 For, thou, art my hope, My Lord, Yahweh, My confidence from my youthful days: 6 Upon thee, have I stayed myself from birth, Thou art he that severed me, from the body of my mother, Of thee, shall be my praise - continually. 7 A very wonder, have I been unto many, Seeing that, thou, hast been my strong refuge, 8 My mouth shall be filled with, thy praise, All the day, with thy splendour.
9 Do not cast me off in the time of old age, When my vigour faileth, do not forsake me; 10 For mine enemies have spoken of me, And, they who watch for my life, have taken counsel together; 11 Saying, God, hath forsaken him, Pursue and take him, For there is none to rescue. 12 O God, be not far from me, O my God, to help me, make haste! 13 Let them be ashamed - be consumed, Who are assailing my life, - Let them be covered with reproach and confusion, Who are seeking my hurt. 14 But, I, continually will hope, And will add to all thy praise; 15 My month, shall relate thy righteousness, All the day, thy deliverance, For I know not the numbers. 16 I will enter into the mighty doings of My Lord - Yahweh, I will make mention of thy righteousness - thine alone.
17 O God, thou hast taught me from my youthful days, And, hitherto, have I been wont to tell of thy wonders; 18 Even now, therefore, that I am old and grayheaded, O God, do not forsake me, - Until I tell of thine arm unto a new generation, Unto every one that is to come, thy might; 19 And, as for thy righteousness, O God, up on high, Wherein thou hast wrought great things, O God! who is like unto thee? 20 Thou who hast let us see many distresses and misfortunes, Wilt gain bring us to life, And, out of the resounding depths of the earth, wilt again raise us up; 21 Thou wilt increase my greatness, And, on every side, wilt comfort me. 22 I also, will praise thee by the aid of a harp, Thy faithfulness, O my God, - I will make music unto thee with a lyre, Thou holy one of Israel; 23 My lips shall make a joyful noise, When I make music unto thee, And my soul which thou hast ransomed; 24 Even my tongue, all the day, shall softly utter thy righteousness, For they have turned pale - for they have blushed, Who were seeking my hurt.