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The charge of proclaiming the gospel of Christ, 1Co 9:17; Eph 3:2. Also the scheme or plan of God's dealings with men. In the Patriarchal, Mosaic, and Christian dispensations, God has commenced, enlarged, and perfected his revelation of himself and his grace to this world, Eph 1:10; Col 1:25. The whole development of his great plan has been gradual, and adapted at every stage to the existing state of the human family.

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(Gr. oikonomia, "management," "economy"). (1.) The method or scheme according to which God carries out his purposes towards men is called a dispensation. There are usually reckoned three dispensations, the Patriarchal, the Mosaic or Jewish, and the Christian. (See Covenant, Administration of.) These were so many stages in God's unfolding of his purpose of grace toward men. The word is not found with this meaning in Scripture.

(2.) A commission to preach the gospel (1Co 9:17; Eph 1:10; 3:2; Col 1:25).

Dispensations of Providence are providential events which affect men either in the way of mercy or of judgement.

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?????????. This is literally 'administration of a house,' an 'economy,' and hence an ordered dealing with men by God in the varied administration of his ways at different times. In reviewing God's administrations with man, we may notice the state of innocence in Eden, though it hardly partook of the character of a dispensation. One law was given to Adam and Eve, and obedience was required, the penalty being announced if they failed.

This was followed by the lengthy period of nearly 1600 years till the flood

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