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An ancient town or place of the Philistines in the times of Abraham and Isaac, Ge 10:19; 20:1; 6/1'>26:1,6,17. It lay not far from Gaza, in the south of Judah, but its exact site is now unknown. See 2Ch 14:13-14.

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a region; lodging-place, a very ancient town and district in the south border of Palestine, which was ruled over by a king named Abimelech (Ge 10:19; 20:1-2). Abraham sojourned here, and perhaps Isaac was born in this place. Both of these patriarchs were guilty of the sin of here denying their wives, and both of them entered into a treaty with the king before they departed to Beersheba (Ge 21:23-34; 26). It seems to have been a rich pastoral country (2Ch 14:12-15). Isaac here reaped an hundred-fold, and was blessed of God (Ge 26:12). The "valley of Gerar" (Ge 26:17) was probably the modern Wady el-Jerdr.

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Chief city of the Philistines in Abraham's and Isaac's time; now Khirbet el Gerar. The fertile region between the two deserts of Kadesh and Shut; resorted to therefore by Abraham and Isaac in time of famine. On the southern border of Canaan, near Gaza and Beersheba (Ge 10:19; 20:1; 26:1-26). Near the deep wady Jurf el Gerar, "the rapid of Gerar" (2Ch 14:13-14.) The people were pastoral in the times of Abraham, but warlike, with a regular "chief captain of the army," Phichol (the "mouth of all," implying a commanding voice as commander-in-chief. Abimelech ("father of kings," implying an hereditary not an elective monarchy) was the common royal title (Psalm 34 title, compare the margin). Condor (Palestine Exploration, August, 1875) identifies it rather with Tel-Jema, an enormous mound covered with broken pottery, immediately S. of Khirbet el Gerar. The name, lost to this the proper site, lingers in the neighboring Khirbet el Gerar.

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A place mentioned in Ge 10:19 in the boundary of the Canaanite territory near Gaza, wheres Abraham sojourned and came in contact with a certain 'Abimelech king of Gerar' (Ge 20:1). A similar experience is recorded of Isaac (Ge 26:1), but the stories are evidently not independent. Gerar reappears only in 2Ch 14:13-14, in the description of the rout of the Ethiopians by Asa, in which Gerar was the limit of the pursuit. Eusebius makes Gerar 25 Roman miles S. of Eleutheropolis; hence it has been sought at Umm el-Jer

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Ancient city on the south of Gaza in the possession of the Philistines. It was visited by both Abraham and Isaac. Ge 10:19; 20:1-2; 26:1-26; 2Ch 14:13-14. Identified with ruins at Umm Jerrar, 31 25' N, 34 26' E.

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(a lodging-place), a very ancient city south of Gaza. It occurs chiefly in Genesis,

Ge 10:19; 20:1; 26:17

also incidentally in

2Ch 14:13-14

It must have trenched on the "south" or "south country" of later Palestine. From a comparison of

Ge 21:32

with Ge26/23'>ne 26:23,26 Beersheba would seem to be just on the verge of this territory, and perhaps to be its limit towards the northeast.

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GERAR, a royal city of the Philistines, situate not far from the angle where the south and west sides of Palestine meet.